New Year’s resolutions for men

10 New Year’s Resolutions All Men Should Make For 2017

We have made a list of New Year’s resolutions for men. If you haven’t found yours keep reading.

The new year – 2017 – is right around the corner, so it’s time to make your action planYou know, new year’s resolutions are the perfect tool for self-improvement and upgrading your lifestyle.

Still, it can be difficult to stick to the plan and most of you may have failed your resolutions about eating healthier this year or hitting the gym at least three times a week.

BUT now we’re entering a new year and that’s a new chance for you (and the rest of us). Keep reading if you want to improve yourself. All it takes is a bit of preparation and we’ve decided to give you a helping hand…

2017 action plan

1. Find a Hobby

What’s your hobby? Start the new year by picking up a hobby!

Having a hobby is good for you, because hobbies lower your stress level, boost your energy and brain power and finally improve your ability to focus.

Photographer with a camera in hand

2. Learn New Skills

People have been trying to find ways to learn new skills and improve their cognitive capacities for thousands of years. In it’s time to ask; “What have you always wanted to learn to do?

Play an instrument, skiing, hiking or playing football? The possibilities are endless…

Take advantage and reach the end of the year with new skills under your belt!

Man skiingMan playing piano

3. Become More Confident

The new year is also the year where you should become more confident and take some chances. 

If you’re confident, people will notice it, and it is much easier for you to achieve your goals. Confidence can be defined as your belief in your capacity to get what you want.

Did you know that confident people are happier, more relaxed, more likely to take chances and more likely to succeed? It’s time for a new year and a new you! 

Confident man

Festive season - Shop By Vilain

4. Travel The World

Travel more. See the world. Expand your horizon!

Traveling is indeed the only thing you buy that makes you richer. You get to see the world and meet lots of different people while getting to know yourself even better.

In the coming year, you’ll need to have your finances in order and invest in a vacation. Remember, there are many ways to see the world, different cultures and visiting faraway places even on a tight budget.

Watching the sunset

5. Invest & Get Your Hands On a Tailored Suit

Invest. The coming year should be a year of investing in a classic and tailored suit, which can be worn time after time. When it comes to men’s fashion and style, there’s no doubt: The classic look has been totally rad forever and will definitely still be in the new year!

Surely, most of your clothes and suits may already fit you. But let’s be honest, those sleeves are just a little too long and have always been bothering you, right?

Resolve your problems with a nice tailored suit and you’ll for sure always be looking your best.

Tailored suit

6. Find Your Perfect Haircut

Most guys know how to get a haircut, but they don’t know how to find the perfect one. The new year is the year, where your hair must look exactly like you want it.

Keep in mind, that it can take time and preparation to find THE haircut. Here are 4 steps to follow:

  1. Do your homework and look for inspiration online (celebrity hairstyles and information about what’s hot and what’s not)
  2. Know your lifestyle and don’t go for a high-maintenance do’ if you don’t really have the time to pull it off
  3. Know your hair type… Is it straight, wavy…?
  4. Talk with your stylist about what’s possible and find a cut that suits you.

Messy hairstyleQuiff hairstyle

7. Hit The Gym Regularly

Get in shape. Yup, losing weight, staying fit and eating healthy are often on most people’s top resolution list.

It’s easy enough to start an exercise – and diet program, but the trick is to find a solution you can stick to in the long run. We recommend you to have a gym membership of course and go there with your friends or someone who can motivate you.

But don’t make this a resolution unless you are really motivated! Just saying…

Man doing push-ups with one hand in the gym

8. Take More Care of Your Hair

Hair, products and styling… How difficult can it be?

2017 is the year you finally learn how to take care of your hair and make sure your hair stays cool.

First, you must know the importance of using shampoo. Most men don’t think about shampooing their hair and how to do it correctly. Our recommendation is to use shampoo every second day. Apply it into your wet hair, massage gently for one minute, rinse thoroughly with water – and repeat if necessary.

Second, conditioning your hair after shampooing should be an important part of your hair routine. Conditioner protects the hair from losing too much oil during the shampooing process and brings back moisture.

Third, protect your hair with heat protection like By Vilain Sidekick before you blow dry it. Keep in mind, that heat protection is as important as the actual blow drying part!

Well, are you up for it? Read more about hair care and how to avoid common hair mistakes here.

Man taking care of his hair

9. Things You Should Stop Wearing

Yeah, we’ve already made a LIST of things men should stop wearing in general and if you still do these don’ts, really LISTEN UP!

We’ve highlighted 3 DON’TS for 2017:

  1. White socks! ONLY for sports 
  2. Socks in sandals are a BIG NO GO even though it will be the new trend for spring 2017
  3. Silver statement necklaces.

Not surprised, right?

Dont's for men

10. Keep Things Simple

Keep it simple. You’ll naturally get a little bored with what your wear sometimes and that can lead to making unnecessary and drastic changes.

If you’re rocking the classic look, the trick is to blend some personality into your look. But instead of throwing in some crazy socks, think about mixing different visual textures and highlight your outfit by wearing a nice killer bracelet, scarf or watch.

Men's fashion

Well guys, are you ready to grab your action plan and make your new year’s resolutions come true? Let’s know your biggest resolution for 2017 in the comment section below.