Men’s fashion: Up your wardrobe

10 Simple Ways to Up Your Wardrobe [Men’s Fashion & Style]

New year. New you. A new and a more stylish you. 2017 is here and that means it’s time to reinvent your wardrobe!

You may think that you have to be on top of all the latest trends to become more stylish. WRONG!

Developing your own style is much more important. Once you figure out what image you want to portray, you can start adding trends that will work with that image.

Suits in a closet

How difficult can it be? Well, it’s not that difficult, because there are lots of items that you can use to up your wardrobe.

What you will see now, is a strong focus on pieces that are simple and classic, and which will probably never go out of style.

1. Shop in Your Own Closet

Are you a little bored? Do you always wear the same jeans, t-shirt, boots or a belt?

Like our brains, we probably only use a small percentage of our closets. If you search through all the stuff you own, you may discover a piece you haven’t rocked for a while.

Try it on! Changing little things about your outfit can sometimes make it seem new.

Looking in wardrobe

2. Focus on the Basics

If you look at your closet, and you see a lot of basics, that’s not a bad thing. It means that you keep things simple!

Too many men shoot themselves in the foot by getting the basics wrong. When you’re putting your outfit together, stop over-complicating things. Remember that you’re a man, and being overly extravagant isn’t necessary.

Mens basic shirts

3. Always Keep A Plain White T-Shirt

If you can pull off a white t-shirt in the classic way, then you can pull it off in any way. A plain white t-shirt MUST be a part of your wardrobe upgrade.

Wear your t-shirt with a seasonal bomber jacket, leather jacket, a blazer or chinos and you will look totally elegant, timeless, cool and laidback – all at the same time!

“It has actually been proven that women find men more attractive in a white T-shirt, as it helps give them the typically masculine silhouette of board shoulders and a narrow waist”

Styling a white t-shirt


4. Invest In New Outerwear

Why not invest in a new jacket or coat? This is a very simple way to add something new to your look.

Look for something that’s good quality, stylish and versatile. Here are 3 cool options to go with:

The Trench Coat: It’s the most versatile of all outwear options, as it can be dressed up or down. You can easily wear the trench over your suit, or dress it down with a shirt, black jeans, white trainers or boots.

Mens trenchcoat


The Shearling: Like the trench coat, the shearling jacket has been totally RAD for 2016/17. If you go for this jacket, make sure the rest of your outfit is toned down, to let the jacket do the talking.

Mens shearling jacket


The Parka: Is a classic jacket that should be in every man’s wardrobe. It’s best worn with jeans and sneakers or boots. Go for a loose fit, but try to avoid going too oversized. For length, choose a style that hits mid-thigh to knee-length.

Mens parka jacket

5. Up Your Game With A Stylish Blazer

You never go wrong by adding a black blazer to your wardrobe. Plus, it can be worn time after time!

That being said, there is something magical about a deep midnight blue suit which will add a nice twist to the classic look.

A velvet dinner jacket is another nice way to add some personality and a vintage feel to your style. A velvet jacket completed with black trousers is just perfect!

Classic blazer and velvet blazer

6. Mix in Thrift & Vintage

Thrift and vintage shops can be full of epic pieces, that can spice up your wardrobe.

Whether you’re looking for a jacket, a blazer or an oversized shirt, you’re sure to come up with something dope.

Don’t count out finding classic stuff from popular labels, but focus on looking for some vintage pieces, that are unique to you.

Vintage fashion details

7. A Classic Watch – a Lasting Trend

A little bit of accessorizing can go a long way when it comes to upgrading your wardrobe. Adding a watch can change your look completely!

If you ask us, every man should have a timepiece they can fall back on when the situation arises. It’s definitely worth the extra cash, and you never go wrong with rocking the classic round-face design.

Mens classic watches

8. A Neutral Tie

A tie is also a nice accessory to pull off, when it comes to upgrading your style game.

If you’re new in this game, go for a natural tie in navy, grey or black. A tie in grenadine or knitted silk texture can be worn formally with a suit or dressed down with a shirt and jeans.

When you are ready to experiment further, you can go for different colors, textures, dots or stripes.

Simple dark ties

9. A Cardholder

Let’s all agree… A wallet in your front or back pocket isn’t doing you or your look any favors, right?!

A cardholder is a must-have and you’ll know that your most important cards are all in one place. Look for one in black or brown leather that can hold a few cards and a couple of notes.

Brown leather cardholder

10. A Killer Bracelet

Finally, if you’re looking to highlight your outfit with some on-trend accessories, go for a bracelet. There is no better way to reinvent your style, than wearing a simple, sophisticated and high-quality bracelet.

When it comes to bracelets, it seems, that there is one bracelet style, which is currently head and shoulders above the rest, in terms of popularity: the beaded bracelet.

Wear it with everything you own and it will quickly become your calling card.

Man with beaded bracelet


Well guys, what’s your advice when it comes to reinventing your wardrobe…?