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The Greatest Handball Players [The World Championship 2017 in France]

2017 World Championship is ON!

The 25th IHF World Men’s Handball Championship in France has officially opened and will continue over the next few weeks!

Twenty-four nations will be competing as France defends its IHF title from 2015.

We’ve decided to make this Championship an unforgettable event, by covering the 2017 World Championship’s best handball players.

The best handball players in The World Championship 2017

BUUUT, what defines a great player? Well, when it comes to team sport in general, there are different ways to spot the great ones:

First, we have the handsome ones, just because they are well-groomed and good-looking. We also have the efficient one – you know, the player who scores from everywhere and on every chance. And finally the saviors and heroes, who always excels when it is most needed.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at those handball stars!

A Moment With… Nikola Karabatic

France’s biggest handball star Nikola Karabatic is without a doubt one of the greatest players in the world.

Why? Well, he is a multiple champion! During his career, he’s been playing clubs like Kiel, Montpellier, had a quick stay in Pays d’Aix Université, moved to FC Barcelona and now finally plays for PSG Handball in Paris.

To see him play is just a pleasure! He is a real legend and also really good-looking with his brown/dark well-groomed hair and full beard.

Really, who wanna fight this man?


ICI POUR CREER, ICI POUR GAGNER. #HereToCreate @adidasfr @adidashandball

Et billede slået op af Nikola Karabatic (@nikolakarabatic44) den


Born in 1984

Height: 1.96 m (6ft 5 in)

Playing position: Centre Back

While Nikola Karabatic and the rest of the French team receive most of the attention, one of the other favorites are the Danish national team.

The two-time European Champions and defending Olympic Champions still haven’t had the chance of going to the very top of the World Championships, which gotta motivate them even more than ever in reaching a historic win. The team is led by some of the best European handball players like….

…Mikkel (The Viking) Hansen

Mikkel Hansen was awarded the title of the world handball player of the year (2016). Who knows, perhaps he’s able to reclaim his awesome title for another year?

The Danish left back PSG player is definitely to be considered a super-star and a TOP scorer. In other words, he is the player who scores from everywhere and on every chance. He always excels when it is most needed.

Even though he is a successful handballer, he is totally down to earth and rocks the ultimate casual style. With his long and loose locks and masculine power we must admit – he looks like a real Danish Viking!


Victoire à Toulouse @psghandofficiel #psghand

Et billede slået op af mikkelhansen24 (@mikkelhansen24) den


Et billede slået op af mikkelhansen24 (@mikkelhansen24) den

Born in 1987

Height: 1.96 m (6 ft 5 in)

Playing position: Left Back

Jesper Nøddesbo – The Danish Latino

He is tall, buff, handsome and calls himself a Danish Latino. And even though he isn’t top scorer, he is a great player and team leader outside the court – AND also worth being inspired by!

Nøddesbo is playing for FC Barcelona.

@rodekorsgenbrug #delditfund #godstil2016 ?: @mattiasedwall

Et billede slået op af Jesper Nøddesbo (@jespernoeddesbo) den

Born in 1980

Height: 1.99 m (6 ft. 6 in)

Playing position: Pivot

With his brown, curly, long hair he sports the EPIC surfer style. And on the court, he pulls off a man bun or a ponytail.

He is simply a trendsetter and it’s a pleasure to see a handballer who really cares about his hair and his overall looks. 

With his well-groomed long beard, we’ve actually spotted his celebrity doppelgänger: Jared Leto and Rollo from Vikings.

You agree? 😉

Jesper Nøddesbo and his dopplegängers Rollo and Jared Leto

The True Gentleman, Víctor Tomás

He is honest, witty, warm and romantic!

Víctor Tomás González is a Spanish handballer and captain for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team.

He is a man who not only understands his sport but also putts himself up front by using social media for a greater exposure. He also looks like a real gentleman by rocking a simple blonde, short and spiked hairdo’, which adds edge to him along with a fresh look.

All that makes him, according to us, one of the world’s greatest players!

Born in 1985

Height: 1.78 m (5ft 10 in)

Playing position: Right Wing

The Explosive Daniel Narcisse

He is an explosive player, who is powerful and hard to mark man-to-man.

The PSG player and French national team player Narcisse was voted 2012 World Player of the Year and received the trophy for being the best left back of the tournament.

Safe to say, Narcisse is his own person and by rocking the popular buzz cut, he looks just EPIC!

Victoire contre le Brésil. Bercy … énorme comme à chaque fois. Merci de votre soutien ? #handball2017 #bleuetfier #france

Et billede slået op af Daniel NARCISSE (@dnarcisse) den

Born in 1979

Height: 1.89 m (6 ft 2 ½ in)

Playing position: Centre Back

Valero Rivera Folch, The Legend

Some say he is the new man since he recently had his breakthrough with the Spanish national team. Guess he just took his time maturing? When you’re the son of a legend, sometimes you have to get out from the shadow of your father to make your own way, especially when you have the same name.

Valero Rivera Folch is another player who deserves to be in the spotlight during the World Championships 2017!

Valero is both skilled and elegant. He is talented, quick and consistent, everything you can expect from a winger!

Valero Rivera Folch

Born in 1985

Height: 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)

Playing position: Left Wing

The Swedish Shooting Star, Jerry Tollbring

Most people probably don’t know him (yet!), but actually, he isn’t that difficult to spot, when he is on the court. He is young, fresh, scores lots of goals and he sports a totally RAD, messy side-parted hairstyle. No wonder why they call him a shooting star…

Jerry Tollbring is a Swedish handballer playing for IFK Kristianstad and the Swedish national team.

Tollbring is an interesting player who is still far from the ending his talent development. If not soon, he may be the top player of the Swedish team in the feature. And this is what makes him so GREAT!

Lite Champions league igen då! Vardar borta imorgon 17:30 #ifk1899 #ifkkristianstad

Et billede slået op af JerryTollbring (@tollbring) den

Born ib 1995

Height: 1.82 m (6 ft o in)

Playing position: Left Wing

Domagoj Duvnjak – Born To Play

His natural shine, winning mentality, coupled with a distinct playing style, makes Duvnjak one of the greatest handball stars in the world.

Domagoj Duvnjak is a Croatian handballer who plays for THW Kiel. In 2014 he was named the IHF World Player 2013.

Born in a handballing family, with his mother and father both handball players, Duvnjak made his first steps in handball inspired by his parents – safe to say he is born to play!

Auswärtssieg gestern ⚫️⚪️ #wirsindkiel #thwkiel #adidas #adidashandball Photo: @angieee11

Et billede slået op af Domagoj Duvnjak (@domagojduvnjak88) den

Born in 1988

Height: 1.97 m (6ft 6 in)

Playing Position: Centre Back 

The German Star, Uwe Gensheimer

He is handsome, fast, strong, down to earth and the final player, who deserves to be in the spotlight of this blog post!

Uwe Gensheimer is a German handballer playing for PSG and the German national team.

He really understands coordination, technique, strangeness – all the skills handball demands. He is just GREAT!

Halbfinale ?

Et billede slået op af Uwe Gensheimer (@uwegensheimer) den

Born in 1986

Height: 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)

Playing position: Left wing

Well, who is your favorite handball player? And according to you, who will win The World Championship 2017?