Men's hairstyle trends

Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2017

Get ready to snip off your man bun and cease lining up your undercut. 2017 is upon us and that means new hairstyle trends!

Just like the trends in clothing changes, so does the trends in hairstyles. During the latest years, most guys have been wearing slim fit shirts and skinny jeans accompanied by tight and sharp hairstyles.

With sharp hairstyles, we’re of course referring to¬†the undercut and¬†other military-inspired scrapes with very short hair on the sides.¬†Besides that, we also had the topknot and man bun for those with longer hair.

Shoulder length hair for men and short hair on the sides

But now it’s time to LOOSEN UP¬†and search for a softer look like the fringe cut, the middle parting, the messy bedhead hair, the Caesar cut¬†or more colorful dye experiments.

Are you guys ready to examine the different hairstyle trends for men in 2017? Well, let’s help you through them and prepare you for the new year!

Haircut in the salon

Fringe Cut

Fringe cut, bangs, face curtains or man fringe Рyou better get used to the various expressions. In 2017 more and more of your friends will probably convert to the fringe cut. Perhaps you will escort your own bangs downwards as well?

The fringe cut comes in different appearances. You can cut and style it according to numerous aspects: 1) short, medium or long, 2) high or flat to the forehead, 3) glossy or matte, 4) messy, curly, rounded or sharp in terms of shape or 5) side-swept or straight (like in this tutorial blog post).

But each man’s fringe will also differ in itself from the¬†next one, depending on the density, texture, color and natural fall of your own hair.

If you have defined¬†cheekbones the fringe will balance out your overall face. If you have¬†receding hairlines, it’ll add that coverage you’ve always yearned for.

So go ahead and experiment with your fringe!

Men's fringeMen's fringe

Middle Parting

We’ve seen lots of¬†side partings in 2016. BUT the side parting will now crawl towards the middle of the¬†forehead and become a middle parting.

If you¬†have been rocking a man bun lately, the Middle Parting¬†would be a safe next-level-choice if you don’t feel¬†ready to go completely short. Fortunately, the middle parting typically still requires¬†semi-long hair.

Most partings won’t centralize completely on your head, however. Instead, they’ll line up dislocated 1-3 cm to the left or right of the absolute center. And the very parting line won’t make it’s way towards the top back like a dead straight highway as we saw on Nick Carter back in the 90s.

On most 2017 middle partings the line will reach more roughly for the top back. The hair straws will blend and create a more faded and subtle parting line.

We need to point out that the middle parting requires a little longer hair on the sides Рat least if you prefer not to look like Kim Jong Un and his military-inspired skin fade middle parting.

Read more about how to style the middle parting here. 

Middle parting hairstyle

Messy Bedhead Hair

The¬†Messy Bedhead Hair¬†gives you a great look that says: “Wh… what? Nah, I didn’t style¬†my hair this morning, I just woke up like this…” – even though you didn’t, you sly fox.

Overall, the new hairstyle trends of 2017 will still require hair wax and/or pre-styling spray. The main idea with the products, however, will be to add texture and volume rather than noticeable full¬†control. You’re going for the messy look.

Don’t get us wrong – we’ll still style (and control) our hair, but the aim¬†will be¬†to create the illusion of not having spent too much time manipulating our¬†hair.

It might sound silly, but we actually spend time styling our hair for¬†it to look¬†like we¬†didn’t spend time styling it!

In this respect fiber wax, clay wax (e.g. Dynamite Clay) and matte hair wax (e.g. Gold Digger) will give you a more matte look to partially hide the fact that hair products have been used.

Messy bedhead hairstyle

Caesar Cut (And Buzz Cut)

The Buzz Cut¬†won it’s footing in 2016, and we’ll definitely still spot this hairstyle in the summer of 2017. When the weather gets hot, nothing is better than a fresh summer breeze on¬†a newly cut head with really short hair. And¬†additionally, your¬†lover loves¬†to stroke her (or his) hand on those 3-6 mm hedgehog spines.

Still, 2017 is all about having long hair on the sides and that brings us to the Caesar Cut. If both George Clooney, Steve McQueen, and a Roman emperor could wear it, so can you!

Caesar haircut

Considered Dyeing Your Hair?

Lionel Messi, Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik,¬†Ryan Gosling,¬†and Adam Levine¬†– they’ve all dyed their hair within recent years. Especially the¬†platinum blonde hair has been trendy in 2016 and we’ll definitely still spot a number of guys rocking this dye in 2017.

The silver trend of 2016 certainly has “legitimized” dyeing. Now there’s definitely no doubt that it’s okay for men to dye their hair too.

If you don’t feel like playing ball¬†with Messi¬†– don’t worry! The majority of men won’t dye their hair to¬†such an extreme blonde degree, but the bleach¬†trend has opened¬†up for a new 2017 trend of more colorful dyeing experiments in men’s hair.

Safe to say, dyeing is the new black!

Color dyed hair

The Classics

The classic hairstyles will of course still live on as they’ve always done!

These are not to be considered new trends of 2017, but they’re still worth mentioning¬†since you’ll see them in both popular culture and in the streets.

We’re of course referring to hairstyles such as the slick back, pompadour,¬†shoulder-length mane, pageboy/bob,¬†and¬†classic side parting.¬†These are safe bets and stylish choices if you don’t feel like going for the fringe cut, middle parting, messy bedhead hair, Caesar cut or dyeing – but you still wanna try something different.

Classic hairstyles

The Undercut

We’ll end this post by stating a contradict to our intro… We cannot deny that¬†The Undercut¬†is still so popular that it’ll continue its onward march in 2017.

Like the classics, it’s definitely not a new trend of 2017, but you’ll still spot plenty of undercuts out there. Yet we’ll probably spot fewer people rocking this ‘do within the next years, but as long as David Beckham¬†wears his sides short and his top longer, MEN¬†will follow.

What Do You Think?

Tell us in the comment section down below. Which hairstyles do you think will trend in 2017? And what hairstyle are you going to rock yourself?