Hair wax guide

Hair Wax Guide for Men Ultimate edition

Choose the right hair product with help from our hair wax guide!

If you don’t know you mud waxes from your pomades and clays, you’re not alone.
The world of men’s hair wax¬†is complicated – and even frustrating at times – but don’t be completely discouraged!

We’ve narrowed it down to three main categories –¬†mud, clay and pomade¬†–¬†that covers basically every male hair type- and style.
РSo no matter what hair type you have and what kind of hairstyle you dream of, at least one of these products is bound to tame your mane and make it look ON POINT every single day. 

In the end, choosing the right hair wax depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. Being either shiny or matte, flexible or firm hold…

The Mud¬†Wax ‚Äď Extreme hold and matte finish

Got the HOTS for one of our personal¬†favorites – the Quiff? Perhaps combined with a sharp fade? We completely understand and we recommend you to get your hands on¬†the classic mud wax. A mud wax is an ideal choice if you’re in need of an extreme hold, a matte finish. Also if you are primarily focused on creating fullness and texture.

Got a Long Quiff going on and aiming for a more natural look? Choose to swear by a quality hair paste instead. The paste provides you with more flexibility and a bit more shine factor. The paste is therefore great for creating a more natural look and feel.

PRO TIP: Mud waxes and pomades are a match made in heaven. The matte texture from the wax combined with the glossy shine of a pomade creates the perfect natural volume.


The Clay РStrong hold and maximum texture

Clay waxes are a relatively newer invention and, normally, they range from very thick to a very creamy consistency. As you might have guessed from the name, clay products actually do contain a real clay ingredient in their formulas.

If you’re going ALL IN on a wild, messy hairstyle with tons of texture and volume,¬†a clay wax¬†should be your initial go-to. The clay makes your hair feel ‘fatter’ by adding a bunch of thickness, structure and body to the individual hair strands without weighing them down.

As you might have guessed already, a clay wax is also the ideal choice if you want to camouflage a thinning hairline, for those of you looking for a quick fix in this area.

PRO TIP: On top of being an extremely popular styling product, a quality clay wax also conditions, moisturizes and strengthens the hair. It gives control and tames frizz Рa brilliant wingman for men with curly, unruly and/or long hair!

The Pomade ‚ÄstGlossy finish and light hold

In contrast to the two abovementioned hairstyling products,¬†the shiny¬†pomades¬†are primarily designed to showcase your hair in a slick, neat manner while providing a high, glossy shine. If you’re a big fan of the pompadour, slick backs or the classic side part,¬†the pomade¬†is what you should always go for!
РSo, basically, pomades work extremely well with all hairstyles that are formed using a comb. 

In general, pomades can be divided into two major categories: oil-based and water-based. The latter being the more user-friendly, popular- and water-soluble version and the first provides you with infinite moldability.

When in doubt: Choose the water-based pomades! While designed to achieve similar looks and holds of the oil-based, they wash out much more easily and maintain the opportunity for you to re-style your hair continuously during the day.

PRO TIP: Need more volume and texture? Mix your favorite pomade with a mud- or clay wax to give your hair a more volume and intensive texture.

What’s your personal favorite?¬†Got a bit more confident choosing your next hair wax?
Please let us know in the comments below which type of hair wax you swear by. And if you want to let us in on a secret¬†hair wax tip or trick…