How to style a pompadour


The Pompadour haircut is a Slikhaar favorite that looks good on men of all ages, faces and hair types. We’ll let you in on the different types of Pompadours, which tools and products you need and, most importantly, how to style it.

What Is the Pompadour?

So… At its absolute basic, the pompadour is a hairstyle that calls for your hair to be BIG and swept back over your head. Sides and back are cropped closely and at the fringe, you’ll need what some will argue resembles a voluminous¬†quiff.¬†It may sound complicated – but, trust us, it’s actually not.

The pompadour can be twisted and cut to suit both businessmen, teenagers and fashion icons all over the world. This is what we love the most about this hairstyle!

Did you know…

The Pompadour hasn’t always been exclusively for men. Before the 1950s it was actually only rocked by women, before¬†being adopted by the great King of Pop: Elvis Presley, who proved that this heightened, shiny hairdo wasn’t just for the ladies!

While the 1970s wasn’t the decade¬†for any high-maintenance male hairstyle, the pompadour then got a serious comeback again in the 80s. Today, the pompadour remains one of the hands-down best hairstyles for men.

Is the Pompadour The Right Choice for Me?

Mens pompadour

Ready to try out the Pompadour? We don’t blame you, it’s definitely also one of our all-time faves!

Here’s a couple of things you need to remember¬†if you’ve given your hairdresser the green light:¬†

  • The Pompadour works best with¬†some-what straighter, fine hair¬†
  • You need to make sure your hair is longer at the top and as short or long on the sides as you like¬†
  • The pompadour looks on point when¬†accompanied by a well-groomed beard

The 3 Most Popular Pompadours

1. The Classic Pompadour 

The classic pompadour hairstyle

As we mentioned above, the classic pompadour goes all the way back to good old Elvis Presley. It’s as close to a #TBT as it gets, guys!

This style is best suited for those gents prepared to put in some serious styling time. Hint: This is not a snooze-button hairstyle!

We love the pompadour because of its great volume and glossy shine, but this doesn’t come without a little work:

You need a good head of well-cared hair and a scissor haircut. The sides and back are kept a bit shorter compared to the top. While the hair just above your forehead is longer contrasting the crown of your hair.

The best way to style the classic pompadour is with a smooth pomade, which will help you get that slick, shiny finish that the pomp is all about.

2. The Modern Pompadour

A modern disconnected pompadour

Looking for a more modern take on the classic? Say no more! A modern, disconnected pompadour is just what the doctor ordered! 

As you may have already guessed, what makes this hairstyle stand apart is the cool contrast between the long hair on top and the short sides and back. Whether you’ll choose to keep the latter in a uniform length or faded is a question about taste.

PRO TIP:¬†This version does not require a lot of¬†styling or combing at neither the sides or back, which makes it ideal if you’re often in a hurry in the morning.

3. The Short Pompadour

Youthful short pompadour

Looking for an easier alternative?

A short pompadour could be your savior! It’s a more youthful, less voluminous and less time-consuming¬†take on the old classic.

For this type of pompadour, you’ll need a short back and sides as per usual. Keep the hair on top at no more than 4 cm.

The result is a classic pomp with a modern twist that saves you both a lot of time in the morning and a lot of hair products – seriously, what’s not to like?

How To Style a Pompadour

No matter whether you’re all about the top-styled, sleek pompadour or you’d like a bit of texture, a beachy mess, this is how you style the pompadour:

  • STEP 1:¬†This is an ever-valid rule. Always make sure to start out with freshly washed and conditioned hair that’s completely free from excess oil, product residue and dirt.
  • STEP 2:¬†Distribute 10-20 pumps pre-styling spray to your towel-dried hair, grab a comb and a hairdryer. Then, blow-dry your hair as you comb backward¬†from your forehead towards your crown and the backside of your head.

By Vilain Sidekick Zero and Skeleton brush on wood

  • STEP 3:¬†When your hair is completely dry,¬†it’s time to let the products work their magic: A classic pompadour calls for a traditional pomade, but if you’re in it for the texture,¬†opt for a gritty clay¬†or go with a mud wax if you’re all about control.¬†Warm up a small amount of products between your palms and run your hands through the hair.
  • STEP 4:¬†Grab your comb yet again and continue combing after you distributed the product to your hair. Use one hand to comb and the other to help shape and smoothen the hair in order to get the look you’re going for.
  • STEP 5: Now, to the FUN PART –¬†creating the pomp.¬†Push all the hair you just combed back forward. Finish off by using the comb to create an up-and-back motion, so the fringe is curving back over the front and crown of your head.
  • STEP 6:¬†Once you’re happy with the shape of your pomp, finish off with a spritz of hairspray and then all that’s left is to¬†admire the volume!