[MOVEMBER] How to Grow, Groom & Own a Moustache

November is here, which also means it’s time to grow a mustache, if you haven’t already started.

Movember: a charity challenge that may explain the weird upper lip hair some of your friends might start sprouting in the coming weeks…


However, the Movember challenge states that you must shave your face completely and then grow and groom a mustache until December arrives. However, growing a mustache from scratch can be challenging and it’s often hard not top looking a bit creepy.

Soooo…. We’ve decided to give you a helping hand in the process!


Pick Your Mo-Do

The first step is to figure out what kind of mustache you want to grow. 

You can model yourself after Hall of Famers like Dr. Phil and George Harrison or you can create your own Mo-do.

Need a bit of inspiration? Read more on How To Pick A Beard That Completes Your Look!

Beard inspiration in illustrations


Choose a Fashionable One

Pencil mustache: if your growth is minimal, go for the pencil mustache and own it.

Handlebar beard: is a good combination, which doesn’t make too much of the mustache as the beard is in equal focus. Grow your beard for a while, and experiment with the different shapes your mustache can make.

Beardstache: if the growth is more significant, let your mustache take its natural shape and rock the beardstache. Totally fashionable BTW!

Pencil moustache and handlebar beardFashionable beard

Whatever Mo-Do you choose, keep in mind that your new look is only for a month and, more importantly, for a charitable cause!

Grow Your Mo & Eat, Treat, Style, Repeat

Now that you’ve picked your style, it’s time to let it grow – Day by Day – Keep your skin moisturized until you see more significant growth.

Beard grooming

It’s necessary to tame your outgrowing mustache and, hence, investing in a quality oil and good styling products are beyond vital!

Beard oil, for example, is a must-have in order to keep your beard soft and healthy. However, the more hair you’ve got the more frequently you need to clean it. Beard shampoo or soap is also a key to conditioning your mustache without stripping away its natural oils.

The Shave from Top Shelf 4 Men is a shaving cream that softens your beard and makes the razor glide easily for a close and smooth shave and healthy skin. 

Top Shelf 4 Men The Shave

Grow it, Style it, Own it

If you’re up for it, don’t get impatient or give up halfway. The main thing you need when growing a mustache is patience and to be confident about it.
– Remember you’re growing for a great cause!