8 Tips to getting The Best Black Friday Deals [Only for Men]

Black Friday is filled with special sales hours, limited Black Friday deals and crazy door busters – but do you also get the feeling that Black Friday and the many CRAZY offers can be a bit overwhelming? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

Luckily, we’ve got the 8 ultimate tips for you to snag the best Black Friday deals and huge discounts. Get ready to shop like a pro!

1. Use The Right Tools

Today, checking out social media sites, newsletters and apps have become the best possible way to stay in the loop with all upcoming sales, promotions and discounts. Black Friday sales included! In fact, the majority of companies today post their sales or links to discounts and deals right on their social media sites. Moreover, many of them similarly use newsletters to offer special codes, exclusive pre-sales and discount to their loyal fans.

So… Naturally, many companies do also provide teasers and pre-deals way before Black Friday comes along. Some even start their Black Friday Sale at the beginning of the week. Needless to say, if you’re attentive you’ll be aware of pre-Black Friday events like early bird specials and midnight sales as well as being first in line when the serious Black Friday discounts airs.

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2. Do Your Research

Don’t forget to do your research, gents! If your hoping to score a serious discount on the big-ticket items during the Black Friday sale you need come prepared. This means being knowledgeable about the current prices of the products you want to buy. As mentioned above, casually follow up with your favorite companies’ social media moves.

3. Stay Focused

On a budget? Then tips tip is worth gold (pond intended…). One of our most valuable tips is to keep your eyes on the price. This can easily be done by creating a list of the deals and products you’re searching for and sticking to it.

Because if you’re looking for some serious deals on quality hair products or craving those tech-gadgets, then don’t get side-tracked too much by crazy discounts on stuff, you don’t really need…

4. Check The Returns Policy

But if you do end up getting side-tracked – and let’s face it, this may be unavoidable on a day like this – and your Black Friday purchase turns out to be a deal from hell. Make sure to always double-check what the different companies’ return policy is for specific Black Friday items before you buy.

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5. Start Early… Really Early

Although regular shops might not open their doors until the dawn of Friday, websites, on the contrary, have no opening or closing hours – and thank god for that! So… Take advantage of this and check out the Black Friday deals at the stroke of midnight.

– Again, as mentioned above, many stores and companies are offering great deals way before it’s actually Black Friday. So it pays off to start early and to go online when deal-hunting.

6. Bring A Bro

No doubt – you’re going to be tempted BIG TIME. If, or more accurately, when you run into a barging deal that didn’t make your list, it always helps to get a second opinion before you get completely discount-struck. Because… They may be 70% off, but, let’s be honest, do you REALLY need yet another white tee? Your buddy would say no and advocate an awesome designer barging instead. Therefore, don’t go Black Friday shopping without him!

7. Don’t Forget About Cyber Monday

Be aware of Cyber Monday deals! Historically, Black Friday was all about hitting the physical stores and Cyber Monday was when you went online for top deals. Today, more money is spent on the internet than in the stores on Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean Cyber Monday has become irrelevant – not at all!

Cyber Monday is still very much happening and if you didn’t get your hands on the products you wanted during the Black Friday sale, then don’t give up, keep checking your favorite online shops over the weekend and on Monday!

8. Don’t Get Stressed Out – Go Online Instead

Pushy customers, long lines and great messes – not really the biggest fan of a good Black Friday chaos? If Black Friday stores are not really your thing, don’t worry! Many of the in-store deals and discounts will also be available online and this means you’ll get all the discounts from the comfort of your own couch without the slightest form of stress.

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What’s your best advice to getting ahead of the Black Friday discount-game?
– Share your top-tips with your fellow hair-enthusiasts and let’s SCORE those crazy deals!