Top Male Hairstyle Trends for Winter 2017/2018

So, guys… Winter is definitely here! Are you and your hair ready for all the new, trending hairstyles?

A new season definitely calls for experimenting with a completely new look or to get a seasonal hairstyle-upgrade.

Check out these 4 TOP MALE HAIRSTYLE TRENDS FOR WINTER 2017-2018, which have all been given a golden thumbs up by some of the most influencing hair- and trend experts.

– Get ready for some, literally, cutting-edge hairstyles trends for men in this winter!

The loose Quiff

The quiff is and has been rocked by a wide variety of men – from Kim Jong-Un and Elvis Presley to Leonardo DiCaprio and our very own Slikhaar Twins! As of right now, the best way to rock this gravity-defying hairstyle is, fortunately, much closer to the two latter… And thank god for that!

According to Denis Robinson, creative director at leading barbershop chain Ruffians, the loose, textured quiff is a “classic hairstyle worn longer for dramatic effect”.

– So… As with any other quiff hairstyle, you’re gonna need hair, and lots of it. “Thicker hair is essential to ensure that there is a good ‘wave’ shape”, says Robinson.

If you got lots of hair then you’re good to go. All you need to do is ask your barber to be creative because this hairstyle is HOT no matter what face shape you were born with. It also keeps your head warm during these cold months – win/win!

Aim for getting a traditional quiff haircut, but make sure to explain that you’ll be wearing it loose – then a skilled barber will chop into the length and remove some weight.

While the haircut itself is a piece of cake, styling the Quiff require a bit more technique to achieve the best possible result. Start out by applying two or three pumps of sea salt foam or saltwater spray to your roots before gripping your blow-dryer. blow dry your hair backward with an either round or vent brush.

Finally, you’ll need to create that charming looseness. This is done with a small amount of styling paste, which you work from roots to hair tip using a wiggling motion – and then you’re ready for both formal and more casual occasions!

The Cropped Blunt Fringe

Okay guys, this might sound a bit weird but… Star Treck’s Spock is this winter’s most debated hair goals. Before entering shock-mode, no we’re not joking or trying to spoil your chance with the girl of your dreams!

– Still wondering if we’re being serious? Just take a good look at more or less any men’s AW17 and give in to the Spock-look!

Aside from it being enormously happening, it’s a pretty versatile hairstyle as well. While best on guys with straight hair and a square jawline, this high-fashion men’s haircut successfully works with most hair types.

Steer clear of bowl cut vibes and go for tight, faded sides with a blunt cut forward fringe. Use a blow-dryer with a flat nozzle in a downward movement. Finish off with either a styling clay or texture dust.

Cropped blunt fringe

Millennial Curtains

… OK – maybe you’re contemplating whether we’re switched from hairstyles to discussing interior? – nope, guess again! The millennial curtains are actually an extremely popular nineties haircut. At some point the hairstyle were the primary signature hairstyle for every nineties boyband!

Just like the Nike Air Max 97 sneakers and bumbags, this nineties hairstyle is back BIG TIME. “But with ‘a modern twist’ that makes the ‘millennial curtains’ both extremely happening and versatile”, according to Robinson.

To be sure you’ve got the updated Winter 2017-2018 cut and not the Backstreet’s Back version, Robinson advice that you let your barber know you’re craving those loose, long curtains.

On top of being a serious 2017-2018 hair goal, the styling is also relatively straight-forward. Dry your hair forward using a paddle brush and then sweep it back when it’s dry. Hereafter, apply either hairspray or a light pomade between your palms and push through your hair, working your fingers out to either side. And, voilà, you’re rocking the millennial curtains, bro!

Millennial curtains hairstyle trends
Wondering if this trend is for you? Well, if you’ve got that rectangular face shape and, moreover, is a man with an eye for the latest trend, then you simply cannot let this one pass!

The long French Crop

“I woke up like this..” Isn’t just for the ladies anymore, gents! The French Crop is the new, interesting take on and otherwise timeless men’s cut. A heavy and full top combined with a short back and sides. An effortless and tousled bedhead-look, which is more than perfect if you’ve got that thick, less obedient hair.

As you might have guessed, this men’s haircut turns styling nightmares such as unruly hair, cow’s lick and ill-defined curls into stylish advantages.

So the best part about the long French crop is definitely that it’s low maintenance since the actual styling is a pretty laid-back affair. Go for a dry styling product to create textured structure and pull the hair forward into a long, heavy fringe. Finish off with a thumbnail-amount of styling clay, mold until you’re satisfied and looking like you just got out of bed!

Rocking the long french cropPeaky Blinders with long french crop

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments if you think we’ve missed some important hairstyle trends. And tell us which Top Men’s Hairstyles for Winter 2017/2018 you plan on trying out!