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5 Go-To Outfits for New Year’s Eve 2018 [MEN’S FASHION & STYLE]

The holiday season is ON, gents! 

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and it’s officially time to upgrade your party outfit for the big night – but no stress, ‘cos we’ve got 5 Go-to looks for New Year’s Eve for you right here.
– Pick your favorite, pour up some bubbly and ready-set-GO!

Balling in Black Tie

Going ALL-IN at a classy New Year’s Eve bash? No worries! The rules of formal dressing are actually very simple – just follow these few steps:

First, let’s assume you’ve already got a well-fitted blazer or dinner jacket hanging in your closet, then the second-most important thing is having the accessories under control.
The ‘tie’ in black tie refers to a bow tie – not a necktie, in case you were in doubt. Moreover, it should also be hand tied, so learn to do it right the first time:

Next up, an on-point shirt should have a ‘turndown collar’ rather than the classical ‘wings’. Moreover, we also recommend you choose a double-cuffed shirt that’s secured with stylish cufflinks instead of regular buttons.

Finally, picking the right dress shoes, we believe, is the difference between getting dressed and dressing up.
Invest if you can and if you’ve already spent all your money shopping for Christmas gifts, polish your black Oxfords until you literally can use them as a mirror!

new year celebration

cufflinks, bow tie, black oxfords and wrist watch


Hitting the Club

Going clubbing on New Year’s Eve? You’re one brave bastard!
Our initial suggestion would be to attend a private New Year’s house party instead…

Nevertheless, we admire your guts and you’ll need an outfit that’s on point. Initially, your outfit depends on what sort of club you’re going to, but rule number one is never being to fancy. After all, the club is all about that effortless coolness, right?

Luckily, we got you covered: Start out with a couple of smart leather boots in black or a dark brown color, followed by an oversized t-shirt, a pair of black jeans and, finally, top it all of with your favorite leather jacket.

If it’s freezing outside, finish the look with a black hoodie and you are ready to face the party crowd, the DJ and loads of cocktails.

All black outfit

Attending a New Year’s Dinner Party

Congrats bro, you’re officially an adult!

While less formal than a big New Year’s Bash, it’s still more formal than going clubbin’. Similarly, attending a dinner party may not be as wet and wild as your usual New Year’s house party, but the food is excellent, the vibe is great and it’s the perfect occasion for relaxed tailoring. 

But… What does this entail exactly? Well, guys, it means a suit worn with a pair of hyped trainers, a t-shirt or a soft turtleneck. Basically anything but the actual shirt and tie.

Pro Tip: Steer away from the suits you normally wear to work and choose a version where the lapels are slimmer. The jacket only has a single- or two buttons and the trousers are a bit more narrow.


Dinner party clothes

The House Party

Our personal favorite – besides flashing the suite and tie (of course!).

A private location, close friends, good music and free champagne – where do we sign up?! Assuming you’re a guest and not the host, we encourage you to always follow the dress code and remember these two pro tips:

  1. If it’s a big party then the suit and tie should always be your initial go-to: Make sure your outfit’s on point and don’t come empty-handed: A bottle of champagne is a MUST, guys!
  2. If, in contrast, the party’s a bit more low-key, you can always go for a classic blazer, a turtleneck or black shirt paired with a couple of Oxford shoes for your bottom half. 

Psst… Don’t be afraid to include navy and grey in your palette either – but don’t go too casual – a New Year’s Eve party always calls for dressing up!

men in suits

Hey Rocket Man!

Planning on spending most New Year’s Eve outside looking up at fireworks?

First and foremost, if you insist on ruining an awesome New Year’s Eve hairstyle in order not to completely freeze your ears off, you’ll need a cool beanie to keep you warm.

As for protecting your fingers against the cold without going full-on glove-style, go for the smartphone-compatible gloves in soft leather to make sure you can keep you ‘gram updated with festive snapshots and, maybe more importantly, actually light the fireworks.

However, no matter how many stylish accessories you’ve got going on, they’ll all be pointless without a cool jacket to keep you warm. Our own personal go-to will always be either the down-filled jacket or the timeless Parka, which are both guaranteed to help you stay comfortably warm all night long.


Nobis Parka jacketMonclar jacket

Tell us…
What do YOU plan on doing on New Year’s Eve 2018? Let us know in the comment section below – HAPPY NEW YEAR