How to style the quiff


Get to know the iconic men’s hairstyle that’s¬†been a Slikhaar Favorite for ages. We’ll show you the way around the Quiff.

The Quiff – What Is it?

The quiff is one of the most iconic men’s hairstyles of all time – and it’s in great company next to classics such as the Undercut, the Pompadour and the French Crop.¬†

The History

You might not know this, but the quiff was actually a messy counter-reaction to war-inspired¬†haircuts such as buzz cuts. With all its action and volume, the quiff became the perfect hairstyle to compliment the 60s’ rock ‘n’ roll and rebellion vibes.¬†

The hairstyle is not for the shy gents – it’s¬†a style all about confidence and attention as you cannot help but stand out and get noticed when flashing the good old quiff.

The Quiff meets The Pompadour

But wait… How does the Quiff actually differ from other iconic cuts such as the beloved Pompadour? 

As a general rule, the classic quiff is less flashy than the attention-demanding pompadour with all its volume.

According to Emil and Rasmus, there’s no black and white answer: At first sight, the quiff and the pompadour look much alike Рbut while the pompadour is usually styled precise and sleek, the quiff can take various forms Рfrom messy and textured to brushed and straightened and this makes it an extremely versatile hairstyle with endless possibility for the creative gent. 

The quiff and the pompadour

Choosing the right Quiff

When it comes to choosing the right quiff, one of the most vital aspects to take into consideration is your face shape.

Luckily, the Quiff is an up-do for almost every dude, but they are especially flattering for those looking to proportionate a rounder face.

The beauty of the hairstyle is that, depending on your face shape or how much you crop or fade the sides and back, it can look quite different on the man who’s wearing it and this makes it much more easy to really¬†make this particular hairstyle your own.

Pro Tip: The most modern take on this undefeated classic is to have the sides finished with a disconnected undercut.

The Classic Quiff

Got your eye on the quiff and ready to give it a try? GREAT!

When you hit the chair, tell your hairdresser that you want around four-five inches of length on top with a bit extra at the fringe. In contrast, the sides and back should both be kept shorter.

The classic quiff

How To Style a Quiff

  • STEP 1: Blow-dry and create the shape¬†After washing your hair with a quality shampoo, start by towel-drying your hair and applying a small amount of pre-styler. Hereafter, you‚Äôd be able to create your quiff using either your fingers or a comb while blow-drying your hair to add that serious volume.
  • STEP 2: Style with a glossy pomade¬†Finish your look by touching up with¬†a traditional pomade, which will help you add definition and shine. Apply a small amount between your palms and slick it through your hair moving from front to back
  • Pro Tip:¬†As the longer top provides your hair with natural weight, it’s important that you don‚Äôt overdo the products when styling. This will simply cause the hair to fall flat – and that’s not the point of the quiff, obviously.

What You Need

Hair-dryer: To ensure your quiff is a 100% on point, the first thing to do is investing in a quality hair-dryer. Go for a model that has cooling settings to avoid as much damage to your hair as possible.

Pro Tip: Invest in a quality pre-styling spray with heat-protection to minimize damage. A good pre-styler with give your hair that firm hold and texture way before you grab your styling products.

Round brush:¬†A quiff requires significantly more maintenance than ex. a buzz cut. This means that if you haven‚Äôt already purchased¬†a round brush, now is the time to do it! The round brush helps push your hair into place as you blow-dry it ‚Äst‚ÄúIt‚Äôs all about gently working the brush through your hair while guiding it into place‚ÄĚ –¬†Emil Vilain.

Adding a side parting to the equation? You’ll also need a medium-sized comb to boost your natural side-parting and achieve an even sharper finish.

Pastes and pomades: A traditional quiff without a doubt calls for a high-shine pomade! If shine is not your thing, go for a mud wax, which will give your hair a matte finish and sharp texture.

Powermade with messed top standing on wood