How to tie a man bun

How To Do The Perfect Man Bun

The man bun was one of the BIGGEST hairstyle trends in 2015 – and it definitely still is.

With celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt SPORTING their own versions of the man bun, this popular fashion is making people rethink the role of the updo as strictly a hairstyle for women.

But you don’t have to be a public figure to make the man bun part of your look. It’s a simple style that’s easy to get the hang of, and once you understand how to establish the perfect bun, you’ll be able to wear it well in any situation.

How to tie a man bun

The Man Bun Hairstyle

The current hype over the man bun is generally attributed to hipsters who tend to wear their buns in conjunction with thick beards and don’t concern themselves too much with the neatness of the look.

Now, however, the trend has spread to the mainstream. Even pop culture icons and animated characters can be seen wearing some form of the man bun. Male celebrities such as Jared Leto brought the look to the red carpet, further separating it from its hipster connotations. Thanks to these high-profile trendsetters, it’s not unusual to see men sporting buns as part of their daily looks.

Celebrities with man bun

Why Go For a Man Bun?

Depending on how you wear it, a man bun can convey a sense of power or show people that you’re feeling laid-back. As with any other style, you wind up reflecting some of the personalities of others who enjoy a similar look.

It adds something RUGGED and mysterious to your look that attracts attention!

Now, this style is so prominent, nobody will think your man bun is unusual. You’ll get a chance to try a new look without having to change anything about yourself – other than the length of your hair.

Cutting men's long hair

All in styling kit

Growing and Maintaining a Man Bun

Before you decide to sport a man bun, determine if you have the right type of hair. Thin, wispy strands are easily damaged by the stress of being pulled back, meaning that you’ll risk breakage and loss each time you style it.

Thick, curly or wavy hair is better suited and more likely to stay in place. You need to be prepared to spend time growing your hair out, enough to be able to pull this look off. If you have the patience to wait, go ahead and get started with your man bun.

Cutting long hair men

Care For Your Hair

Make sure that you take GOOD care of your hair as it GROWS!

That means washing it regularly with a shampoo that maintains strong strands, a healthy scalp and the right level of moisture. Invest in a high-quality shampoo along with a separate conditioner if your hair tends to be dry. Get a brush or a wide-toothed comb that minimizes breakage, and have split ends trimmed regularly to prevent your hair from looking burned out or crispy.


Tools for a man bun


Semi, Half Or a Full Man Bun?

While your hair is growing, you can try each of the three different versions of the man bun to decide which one looks best. A semi bun or topknot uses only the hair on the top of your head and is, therefore, smaller than other types of the bun.

A half bun gathers most of your hair into a bun style but leaves some strands loose to create a combination between a man bun and a ponytail. This look is best suited to casual situations or when you’re hanging out at home.

A full bun has a sleeker appearance because it uses all of the hair on your head. This is the most common form of the bun and requires your hair to be at its maximum length.

A topknot man bun is close to the top of your head. Most other buns are lower, but placing the bun too low can make it messy and difficult to maintain. The best spot for your own man bun may depend on where you’re planning to sport the style.

If you’re headed out on a date and want to add a dramatic touch to your outfit, a high bun may be the way to go. At work, however, a lower bun is a more appropriate choice.

Consider what you’ll be doing and how you’ll be dressed when choosing a look!

Cool semi bun


Full man bun


How to Tie a Man Bun

There IS more than ONE way to achieve the man bun look!

Each one requires a set of good hair ties that won’t pull your hair during styling or while you’re wearing the bun.
Look for cloth-wrapped ties that allow hair to glide freely.

One popular method is to use two ties. Place both around your wrist for quick access and gather your hair together with the scooping motion you practiced. Wrap the tie around your hair as many times as necessary to create a ponytail. Roll or fold the ponytail up until it forms a bun and wrap the second tie around it to secure it in place. This works best if you have very long hair that’s difficult to gather with a single tie. Shorter, thick hair can be twisted into a tight ponytail and wrapped around in a circle to create a man bun. Place one hair tie around the outer edge to keep it tight.

For a QUICK and SIMPLE man bun, gather your hair and wrap a tie around it once. On the second wrap, only pull the hair through halfway.

The resulting bun won’t be quite as clean as with other methods, but you’ll have a style that works for the gym, hanging out with your buddies or at casual events. 

Gathering hair for the man bun


Finished full man bun


Complete the Man Bun Look

A man bun looks GRAND whether or not you have a beard and can be worn to work, on a date or with a regular outfit!

However, it looks even better if you take the time to build a whole style around it. Choose a style that reflects who you are and pull it all together with the right clothes and accessories.

You can go for sleek and modern to convey a sense of suave masculinity or dress down in jeans and a plaid shirt for the classic hipster look. As long as you’re comfortable and the style is appropriate, you’ll look great sporting your NEW man bun.

Man Bun Mistakes to Avoid

Despite being a fairly straightforward style, not everyone gets the man bun right. Several common mistakes can undermine the look like:

  1. Having greasy, dirty or unkempt hair
  2. Being careless or hurried when tying a bun
  3. Pulling hair too tight
  4. Overusing product so that hair looks shiny and slick
  5. Trying to tie a bun with hair that’s too short

A proper man bun should look WELL-groomed but not excessively styled. Aim for a natural appearance that complements your personality, and don’t obsess too much about tying a PERFECT bun. In time, you’ll find the style and technique that works best.


Is The Man Bun Right For You?

How do you feel about the man bun trend? Do you see yourself sporting one in the future, or do you think this fashion isn’t going to last much longer?

Whether or not you decide to participate in the man bun trend is largely a matter of preference. It takes time to grow your hair out long enough to sport a proper bun, and you have to be willing to put in the time to take care of a more substantial mane. You also have to be comfortable with having longer hair -although you can always cut it.