Hair care mistakes

How to Avoid Common Mistakes with Men’s Hair

Hair, products and styling… How difficult can it be?

Well, it turns out to be quite a challenge both to choose and use the right products for your hair and to style it to match your look, face shape, and personality. When it comes to common hair mistakes you’ll find that the best advice usually is to treat your hair with some kind of respect.

We will give you 8 tips and tricks of how to avoid hair mistakes, and make sure that your hair stays cool.

Man gette a haircut

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1. Washing Hair Too Much – or Not Enough

Is it necessary with a daily hair wash or not?
Actually, there’s no single answer to how often you should wash your hair because it usually comes down to personal preference. The perfect frequency depends on your hair type, and how much you’re gelling and sweating. For some men, a daily hair wash is entirely unnecessary while others find it indispensable.

If you’re going to use products in your hair on a daily basis, a daily wash is also a good idea. Leaving a wax in overnight can, for example, cause headaches, and it also leaves grease on your pillow – that’s just annoying when getting reading for bed.
We advise you to wash your hair with water every morning and use the necessary time to style it.

Man showering


2. Shampooing With The Right Amount of Shampoo

The importance of using shampoo the right is essential to remember. Most men don’t ever think about shampooing their hair and how to do it correctly. On the other hand, it will damage your hair if you use it too often, especially if you’re not using hair products regularly. You have to be aware of, that shampoo traps oil while using it too much will dry out your hair. Not to forget the importance of using shampoo because it cleanses your hair and opens your hair follicles.

Our recommendation is to use shampoo every second day. Apply it into your wet hair, massage gently for one minute, rinse thoroughly with water – and repeat if necessary.

By Vilain Skyline shampoo and conditioner


3. Forgetting Conditioning

What is a conditioner?

Most men don’t find hair conditioner on their product shelf, because it’s typically thought of as a girly product. But conditioning your hair after shampooing should be an important part of your hair routine.

Use conditioner if your hair feels dry or if your hair is curly or color-treated. Conditioner protects the hair from losing too much oil during the shampooing process and brings back moisture. Still, different hair and scalp textures require different levels of shampooing and conditioning – and different products.

Blow-drying the hair


4. Blow-drying Your Hair Without Heat Protection  

Most men are not using a blow dryer. Like conditioner, it’s often associated as a fancy hair tool that mainly women are using.

WRONG! A blow dryer is the best tool to style your hair to perfection – BUT – with blow drying comes heat protection like the pre-styling spray; By Vilain sidekick. The protection before blow drying your hair is just as important as the actual blow drying part.

By Vilain Sidekick

5. Cutting Your Own Hair

It can be quite a challenge to cut your own hair, especially if you don’t have any experience!

Maybe you’re thinking: if I can shave my own beard, I can easily cut my own hair too, and YouTube-guides make it look so easy.

If you’re tempted to cut your own hair, really don’t expect perfection. Want our advice? Leave it to the professionals. Go to a hairstylist, where you can find a hairstyle that fits you. Depending on your hair and how fast it’s growing a frequent visit to the salon is important.
We recommend you to go to a stylist once every two months.

Cutting hair

By Vilain Travel Kit


6. Choosing a Hairstyle That Doesn’t Suit You

Maybe you’ve already tried it. You find a picture of the coolest hairstyle on Instagram, Facebook or Google. You go to your hairstylist and at least he or she tries to fit your needs, but the result is definitely not good. Unfortunately, you just have to realize, that we’re not all blessed with thick or heavy hair like models, actors or football players like David Beckham. Be honest with yourself and choose a hairstyle that fits you. We recommend that you talk to your stylist so you find a style that works for you.

7. Cover Up Receding Hairlines

You’re not alone!

Receding hairlines is common to many men. But a common mistake is to try to cover it up – instead, you should try to deal with it. Work with your hair, instead of working against it. Many men grow the front hair longer, to hide their baldness, but often it has the opposite effect. Get the right kind of haircut to distract from the obvious area. Talk to your stylist and ask for their opinion on how to minimize the visibility of your receding hairline.

Check out this blog post with 6 different haircuts for thinning hair (receding hairlines).

Struggling with receding hairlines

8. Changing Your Hair Color Totally

Hot Silver fox hair is not a bad thing, and it has been one of the biggest trends lately to dye your hair grey. But do it with caution! Men need to be careful not to end up with a block of solid color. Cool tones generally work better. Keep it understated and classy. Our advice? If you want another hair color, find a specialist, and don’t color your hair if you’re not intending to maintain it. 

Coloring hair
Well, are there any mistakes we have missed or did you ever had a bad experience with your hair? Write a comment below…