Griezmann hairstyle tutorial

ANTOINE GRIEZMANN Hairstyle 2016 [Step By Step Tutorial]

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi might be the most well-known La Liga players across the world… But if you take a look at the top lists there’s certainly one player, who’s outshining at the moment: Antoine Griezmann from Atlético de Madrid!

Atlético Madrid is currently topping LaLiga Santander and so is Griezmann as the top scorer. The French forward is only 25 years old and yet he became the top scorer of this summer’s UEFA Euro 2016 scoring double the amount of CR7 (6 goals against 3). There’s no doubt about who takes the title as being king striker in the world of soccer 2016!

Griezmann on the football field

The Hairstyle Behind All Those Header Goals

Griezmann has had a couple of different hairstyles throughout his career as a professional footballer, for example, a bleached hairdo‘ and a side-parted do’. The two previous, we already did on Slikhaar TV, so now it’s time for the third Griezmann hairstyle!

Wash, section and blow-dry, trim the sides and back in a gradient

Step 1: Prep Your Hair Before The Cut

Get your hair nice and ready for the haircut with a quick wash using By Vilain Skyline Shampoo. It removes any old products and makes it easier to manage throughout the remaining steps.

Step 2: Comb, Part & Blow

Straighten out the hair by running a comb through it, and then part it into sections. This is done by forming a line from both sides of the temple of the head which connects together at the back. The hair is then combed away to both sides of the parting (either up or down) using a By Vilain Comb.

Lock the hair into place with a quick blowdry.

Step 3: Lose Weight

Clip the hair on the sides (3-6mm) and in the back (3mm-1cm) in a gradient that goes from thin at the bottom, to thick at the top. Finish this step by trimming the hair beneath the side-parting into its final form using a pair of scissors.

Cut the top, trim the edges and thin out, moister and dry

Step 4: Length Of Time

Now it’s time to get the top part of the hair kicked into shape! With comb and scissors in hand, cut a gradient from the top center (2cm) towards the fringe (4-5 cm). The extra length at the fringe will later be locked into Griezmann’s signature side-swept style.

Step 5: Trim Edges & Thin Out

Using a small shaver or mini clipper, create a clear outline around the edges near the side, back and ears, in order to separate the skin and hair. 

Thin out the top section of the hair with a pair of thinning scissors to make
the hair light and add volume.

Step 6: Moister & Dry

Next up comes the 3 in 1 combo! First, spray your hair with By Vilain Freestyler – this makes your hair more susceptible to hair products and also helps distribute the product better.

Then apply Powermade into the moist hair and groom from left to right. This shapes the hair into a side-swept style.

Lastly, blow-dry the hair from the front to the back. This melts the Powermade into the hair, strengthening the hold and locks the hair into position.

Blow-drying from the front to the back pushes the hair back, giving it the “slicked back” shape.

Get the details right, wax up with Silver Fox, do the sharp finish

Step 7: Get The Details Right

It’s time to use a pair of scissors one more time! Now that the hairstyle is nearly done, you’ve to make sure everything looks nice. Make sure to trim any areas you may have missed. 

Step 8: Wax Up!

Rub a small scoop of Silver Fox in the hair to pull off the do’. Silver Fox is perfect for an extreme hold and a shiny finish. 

Gently groom the wax into the side-swept style as you did in step 6. Combining the Powermade and Silver Fox creates an extra strong hold, guaranteeing that your new style stays firmly in place throughout the entire day.

Step 9: Razor Sharp Finish

Gently shave off the small hairs around the nape of the neck to create the final touch – and PRESTO! Your hairstyle is ALL done.

Now you’re all set to go out and score in style, just like Griezmann.

The Griezmann hairstyle

Products & Tools Necessary For The Griezmann HairstyleProducts for the Griezmann hairstyle

1. Shampoo and Conditioner, By Vilain Skyline US$22 2. Water spray, By Vilain Freestyler US$14 3. Comb, By Vilain Comb US$14 4. Hair-dryer 5. Wax, By Vilain Silver Fox US$22 6. Scissor 7. Pomade, By Vilain Powermade US$22 8. Electric clipper 9. Shaver or mini clipper 10. Thinning scissors

Griezmann Hairstyle Video Tutorial

Watch this cool Slikhaar TV video on how to achieve GRIEZMANN’s hairstyle anno 2016. Which one of GRIEZMANN’s hairstyles do you like the most? Please let us know in the comment section.