Things men should never wear

DON’TS: 9 Things Men Wear That Women Hate

When it comes to men’s fashion and style, most guys think they are brilliant at picking the right outfit. BUT the truth is, while your homies might tell you that you’re totally rad in your skinny shorts and striped socks, the girls aren’t thinking the same!

One of the benefits of a good looking outfit is that it should be attracting the ladies, right? So let’s jump to the girl’s point of view and take a closer look at the most hated menswear. These are the things men should never wear according to the girls.

Stylish wardrobe

We have asked 20 style-conscious women, what they are tired of seeing guys wear and what simply is a turn-off. These are only a few things men should never wear. You might be surprised!

1. White Socks – Only for Sport

Too many men spoil good looking outfits by wearing the wrong kind of socks. One of the most frequently violated rules of fashion is wearing white sports socks outside of sporting activities. It’s just not sexy, guys!

White socks

White socks

White socks are in general a big NO GO! White socks just don’t match most outfits unless you’re rocking white trousers.

The key is: Only combine white socks with sportswear! Never, never, NEVER wear them with your everyday outfit.

2. Socks in Sandals are a BIG NO GO

Well, even though socks and sandals will be the new trend for spring 2017 according to John Varvatos show, girls think it’s a huge turn-off.

Socks in sandals

Remember, you don’t have to go with the flow of every fashion trend. According to the girls, it’s difficult to even comprehend how exactly the socks and sandals combination even came into existence.

You know, it’s quite easy to spot the wrongdoers every summer. Just go to a museum or retail park – any place where there are tourists en masse. It’s a shocking reality – please guys, don’t even go there!

Sock saldals


3. Silver Necklaces

Necklaces for men – what’s the verdict?

Most girls don’t like men wearing necklaces at all. Especially silver necklaces and gangster bling in any form!

So if your silver necklace is hanging from your neck and making a statement, then remove it immediately – according to the girls, this is another NO GO.

Silver necklace

Silver necklaces

However, men should only be seen with five main accessories: a nice watch, a cool pair of sunglasses, a good pair of cufflinks, an on-trend bracelet and if he’s married, a simple wedding band.

Why??? Because unless you’re a movie star, rock star or a professional footballer, it’s extremely hard to pull off anything more extravagant than those five pieces.

4. Viking Bracelets, Puka Shells or Shark Tooth Leather Bracelets

Wearing a bracelet is an epic way to up your style game and highlight your outfit (3 good examples below).

Cool bracelets

BUT wearing a bracelet doesn’t mean that you can wear all kind of bracelets!

You guys don’t need to avoid writs wear. You just need to think a little harder about what kind you strap on.

Like the Viking bracelet, puka shells or leather bracelet with shark tooth are a total turn-off according to women (pictured below). You maybe think you look cool and laid-back – but really, you don’t!

Don'ts bracelets


5. Sweatpants Are Not the New Jeans

Yeah, it’s official! This year fall season sweatpants are a must have! Any man who has dreamt of wearing his sweatpants to work will now have a good reason to believe it’s ok to do so.

Before you go there, you just have to know, that there is a fine line between sweatpants and sweats. Sweats should NEVER see the light of day, sweatpants, on the other hand, are tailored, comfortable and can often be mistaken for actual pants. There’s the sweet spot!

Cool sweats and no go sweatpants

Still, the women are here to tell you, that sweatpants are not the new jeans.

It’s true that mainstream fashion designers showed them at fashion week, but wearing sweatpants to work is not the same as wearing them at causal events.

Yeah, they are so comfortable. It’s possible, however, sometimes it looks a little too comfortable!

6. Running Shoes & Hiking Boots As Everyday Wear

Is it a GO or a NO GO to wear running shoes and hiking boots causally?

From the girl’s point of view, running shoes or hiking boots with jeans are a don’t and a true fashion disaster. Guys, please just don’t!

Running shoes are made for running. Hiking boots are made for people who like hiking.

Running shoes
Hiking boots

Some men don’t get that athletic shoes are made for athletic wear and aren’t substitute for casual shoes. Remember, you can’t compare running shoes with sneakers from brands like Nike and Adidas.

Sneakers are totally GRAND, and epic to pull off for your everyday wear and causal events or if you’re rocking the hipster, street style – but NOT athletic shoes!


7. Belts with Big Buckles

Easy… Don’t wear big belt buckles, unless you’re a cowboy!

Belts with big buckles are a no go

Still, wearing a belt is something most men are accustomed to and it’s an accessory that adds an edge to your look in a sophisticated and simple way.

3 tips to picking the right belt:

  1. Match the belt and pants with the formality.

  2. The belt and shoes should be of the same colour (black with black, brown with brown, blue with blue, and so on).

  3. The belt material should match the shoe material (leather with leather, suede with suede, canvas with canvas, and so on).

Matching shoes and belts

8. Cargo Pants “Goodbye Professor”

Cargo pants are super casual and actually rad! BUT according to girls, some men make awful mistakes when it comes to cargo pants.

NEVER ever wear these pants with shirts, blazers, suit jackets or dress shoes such as Oxfords. Instead wear these casual pants with sweaters, t-shirts, leather jacket and sneakers or boots.

Cargo pants

Don't use the pockets in the cargo pants

Also from the girl’s and a style point of view, the cargo pocket should NEVER be used!

And if your cargo pants include zipper NEVER turn them into shorts.


If there is one thing, which is guaranteed to drive a women screaming in the wrong direction, it’s the sight of a man who should know better than to be sporting a pair of crocs.

Never wear Crocs

According to the girls, no women should be expected to live with a man, who wear Crocs. Ok, if she really loves him, yes, allow the man to wear the crocs in the shed. Only in the shed. Never in the house!


Well guys, are you surprised? Now we would like to know, what are the most hated womenswear? 😉