Mesut Özil haircut

MESUT ÖZIL Hairstyle 2016 [Step By Step Tutorial]

Recently we made a step by step tutorial on Olivier Giroud’s hair. Arsenal F.C. is still on top of Premier League, so let’s do another one of their popular star players: Mesut Özil!

The German international (of Turkish ethnic origin) just turned 28 a couple of weeks ago and he’s never been better.

Being the attacking midfielder, he’s the central playmaker of Arsenal’s offense helping his teammates with heaps of assists, not to mention his own goals. If Arsenal is going to achieve success in the 2016/2017 season in both Premier League and UEFA Champions League, Mesut Özil will need to maintain his key role.

Mesut Özil on the field

The Mesut Özil Haircut

Many of you guys have requested Mesut Özil’s short sporty hairdo. He’s rocking a crew cut with side-parting on his right and a gradient on his left. This style fits most guys and it is a safe choice if you want to stay fresh! Let’s get to it.

Wash you hair, section part, trim the hair

Step 1: Wash Your Hair

Get your hair nice and ready for the haircut with a quick wash using By Vilain Skyline. It removes any old products and makes it easier to manage throughout the remaining steps.

Step 2: Section Part

Straighten out the hair by running a comb through it, and then part it into sections. This is done by forming a line from both sides of the temple of the head which connects together at the back. The hair is then combed away to both sides of the parting (either up or down) using a By Vilain Comb. With this particular hairstyle, the section parting is adjusted to the right-hand side of the head, with the hair combed over from right to left. 

Lock the hair into place with a quick blowdry, or use clamps for a stronger fixture.

Step 3: Clip, Clip, Clip

Clip the hair on the sides with a clipper (9mm length, gradient on the left side, and side-parted on the right). The gradient goes from thin at the bottom, to thick at the top. Also, clip the back of the head (9mm). 

Thin the hair, moisten and cut, pre-style and blow dry

Step 4: Thin And Outline

Thin out the hair on the top with a pair of thinning scissors to make the hair light and add volume. Then use a pair of scissors or a trimmer to create a clear outline around the edges near the side, back and ears, in order to separate the skin and hair.

Step 5: Moisten And Cut

If the hair is dry, spray it with By Vilain Freestyler – this makes your hair more manageable for the following steps, and also helps distribute the following hair products better.

Using a pair of scissors, cut the top center hair (5cm), and the fringe (7-8cm). As the hairstyle starts to take shape, make sure to continually thin out the top with thinning scissors as needed, and also trim the sides and back in greater detail with a clipper.  

Step 6: Pre-Style And Blowdry

Apply By Vilain Sidekick pre-styling spray into the moist hair (respray if needed). This prepares for the next step.

Groom with brush and blowdryer. Start with a fine-toothed By Vilain 9-Row Brush to straighten the hair, and blowdry from front to back while also grooming in the same direction with the brush. This melts the Sidekick into the hair, strengthening the hold and locks the hair into position.

After the hair has been straightened out, use a wide-toothed  By Vilain Skeleton Brush to repeat the same process, gently curling the hair upwards and back to create greater volume and lift.

Blow-drying from the front pushes the hair back so it rests on the hair at the top center, giving it the upwards “slicked back” shape.

Cut the details, wax it up, and contour the edges

Step 7: Details

Now that the hair is almost done, once again make sure to get the details just right by thinning out the hair with a pair of thinning scissors and trimming the outline.

Step 8: Wax It Up

Now it’s time to add wax. Rub a small scoop of By Vilain Silver Fox in the hair to pull off the do’.

Gently groom the wax into shape using both hands.

Step 9: Sharp Finish

Using a razor, trim the fine hairs at the sides and nape of the neck.

Işte! You are now ready to rock the Mesut Özil haircut!

After the Mesut Özil haircut

Products & Tools Necessary For Mesut Özil Hairstyle

Products for the Mesut Özil hairstyle

1. Shampoo and Conditioner, By Vilain Skyline US$20 2. Water spray, By Vilain Freestyler US$20 3. Comb, By Vilain Comb US$20 4.Hair-dryer 5. By Vilain Skeleton Brush 6. Scissors 7. Pre-styling spray, By Vilain Sidekick US$20  8. Wax, By Vilain Silver Fox US$20 9. Thinning scissors 10. Brush, By Vilain 9-Row Brush

Slikhaar TV video tutorial

Up next are all the above steps transformed into a cool video from Slikhaar TV.