Paul Walker hairstyle

PAUL WALKER In Memoriam Hairstyle [Step By Step Tutorial]

The late Paul Walker¬†achieved fame as the speed-loving Brian O’Connor in the adrenaline-pumping FAST & FURIOUS films, a series known for its high-octane action (with a little bit of nitro), beautiful girls¬†and cool street racers!

Walker was undoubtedly one of the most iconic characters in the franchise, and his sense of style still remains noteworthy to this day.

Smiling Paul WalkerPaul Walker sadly passed away in 2013 in a tragic car accident, but his memory lives on in the hearts and minds of millions of fans around the globe. Read along as we pay homage to a great actor and fashion role model, in this special in memoriam hairstyle guide.

Double Hairstyle Tutorial

Are you ready guys? Down below you’ll find a step by step guide on how to achieve two of his most iconic hairstyles – the curly version from the early Fast & Furious movies and the crew cut from the late movies.

Hairstyle 1 (Early Movies)

Thin out the hair Cut the top hairCut the fringe to 6 to 7 cm and the top back to 5 cmCut the sides and back down to 2 to 3 cmComb the hair to create an overviewUse the pre-styling spray sidekick before blow dryingBlow dry your hairShake the blow dryer to speed up the process and prevent burningContour the edges with a hair clipperUse a light hold pomade to styleDistribute the pomade evenly to the hairFinish by plucking out small curlsThe Paul Walker hairstyle

Hairstyle 2 (Late Movies)

Section part your hair form a line from the templeBlow dry the pomade (from style 1) into the hairUse a Skeleton brush to help distribute the hot airTrim the back and the sidesCut a gradient from the ears and neck to the topTrim the back and sides down to 12 mmCut the fringe down to 4 cmThin out the hairCut the top back down to 3 cmUse the pre-styling spray Sidekick before blow dryingBlow dry the Sidekick into the hairUse a skeleton brush to help distribute the hot airContour the edgesUse By vilain Gold Digger to add fullness and textureDistribute the wax evenly in the hairStyle the hair to the sideAfter the second Paul Walker hairstyle

Products & Tools Necessary For The Paul Walker hairstyle

Products for the Paul Walker hairstyles1. Shampoo and Conditioner, By Vilain Skyline US$20 2. Water spray, By Vilain Freestyler US$20 3. Comb, By Vilain Comb US$20 4. Hair-dryer 5. By Vilain Skeleton Brush US$20 6. Scissors 7. Wax, By Vilain Gold Digger US$20  8. Pomade, By Vilain Powermade US$20 9. Thinning scissors 10. By Vilain Sidekick

Slikhaar TV video tutorial

Want to see all the steps and both hairstyles in a super cool Slikhaar TV video? Look no further!