The Joker makeup tutorial

Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad JOKER Makeup Tutorial [Incl. Step By Step Video Tutorial]

It’s HALLOWEEN.¬†Time to have some fun! To get into the right spirit of Halloween, we have turned Emil into The Joker from¬†Suicide Squad.¬†We decided not to go with Heath Ledgers legendary Oscar-winning portray of The Joker and neither the¬†Joaquin Phoenix version since they’re a bit more advanced and they don’t look as stylish in our opinion.¬†

So this is a step-by-step tutorial on HOW TO get the¬†Joker-look (Jared Leto style)! If you just want to see how it’s done check out the video tutorial at the end of this post. We had so much fun making it, so we hope you’ll give it a like. If you’re going for the hairstyle without the color check out our guide on How to Slick Back hair.¬†

1. Makeup Is The Key

First step: Start with the hair. Dye your hair crazy green! Get a spray or a gel color for the hair. We tried both and they both worked like a charm. It’s important to start out with the hair so you¬†avoid messing up your makeup or your costume with the green color.

THEN it is time for MAKEUP. All products used in this tutorial are from MAC COSMETICS.

Joker makeup

Adding foundation blended with white face paint

Applying foundation blended with white face paint to the neck

2. Block Your Brows

The second step is your eyebrows. You need to cover your eyebrows with a glue stick and loose powder to create the perfect evil look. 

Glue stick: Glue the eyebrows upwards to flatten them out.

Translucent powder: Add powder on the glued eyebrows till they’re dry. Repeat this technique until the eyebrows are all blocked.

3. Create The Perfect Base

Powder and foundation are needed for this step. To get that pale and spooky¬†skin tone¬†you need to really work these products all over your face, ears,¬†and neck. Don’t hold back using¬†foundation and powder to complete the perfect base makeup.

Foundation mixed with white face paint: Apply the mix all over the skin with a sponge. Blend even with a foundation brush. 

Full coverage concealer: Apply to the eyebrows for extra coverage and even out the skin tone.

Translucent powder: Set the foundation with powder.

Taupe colored base: Apply all over the lids and under the eyes.

Applying a taupe colored base to the eye lids
Working with the color of the eye lids
Eyes being darkened by a mix of red and black eyeshadow

4. Darken Your Eyes

Now it’s time to make your eyes pop! Create dark shadows and¬†depth by using the products below.¬†

Mix red & black eyeshadow: Apply to lower lashline with a small angled brush. Make sure to blend the colors. 

Medium brown eyeshadow: Accentuate the crease and apply under the eyes. Try to create a rounded shape around the eyes.

Dark brown eyeshadow: Intensify the color to make the eyes look deeper.

Black eyeshadow: Use a little to create more depth.

Dark brown eyeshadow: Create veins around the eyes using a thin liner brush. Do the same on the forehead.

Contour: Mix medium brown and dark brown shadow and create shadows to add dimension using a fluffy blending brush.

Painting Joker tatoosShooting for the video tutorialStarting to look like Jared Leto's JokerAdding definition with red lips

5. Add Definition with Tattoos and Red Lips

For this Halloween look, tattoos help define the look and red lips are also one of the basics that adds some edge. 

Tattoos: To create the tattoos use a black body paint. Draw the tattoos with a thin liner brush. Apply a small amount of foundation over the tattoos to blend them into the skin.

Red lipstick: Apply red lipstick roughly on lips.

Mix red and Purple lipstick: Apply roughly on lips. 

Black eyeshadow: Apply a small amount in between lips to create depth.

6. The Finishing Touch

Complete the look with a killer costume and the perfect accessories – including Harley Quinn, of course! #SPOOKY

Crazy Joker expressionsJoker and Harley QuinnThe Joker in a dark tunnelThe Joker and Harley Quinn in a dark tunnel

Well, are YOU up for this look? Let us know what you think about our take on the Joker¬†(Emil’s transformation)…¬†