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Tips to Defining Your Personal Style [By Emil Vilain]

“Signature style” is one of those fashion phrases that gets thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean?

Let’s all admit: It can be a real struggle to find a style that represents our personality, coolness and brings us some positive vibes!

We’ve probably all been there, at least once… When we throw ourselves into our wardrobe and just can’t find THE sweater or THE jeans that fit perfectly together and makes a totally good looking outfit.

Anyway, why is this exactly so important for us? Well,  the impact of personal style goes far beyond making a good first impression; great style is also about confidence, personality and to be fashionable.  

Whether you’re looking for a total style overhaul or to try something a little new this year, I will now share some simple tips about my personal style and outfit. So check this out if you want to get a little inspired… 

Emil Vilain basic black outfit
Defining THE Style

Style includes a lot of different things, but in general. I think that it depends on how the outfit represents the best version of yourself.

It’s always awesome to wear a BIG SMILE and behave like a real gentleman. My experience is that a smile brings you far in many facets of life.

Furthermore, your lifestyle also reflects an awesome style. I always keep myself in good shape. Still, I’m not a fanatic. But fitness boosts my mood and gives me a even higher energy during the day.

Beach look for men


My Personal Style

Fashion and style is a great way to express ourselves – whether it’s for the everyday look or special events. I want to be the best version of myself and therefore my style has to represent who I am.   

I will describe my style as minimalistic and Scandinavian inspired. My wardrobe is characterized by the classic look and timelessness – more timeless the better.

I mean, if you look at your closet, and you see a lot of basics, that’s a good thing. Because that means that you keep things simple! I think that too many men shoot themselves in the foot by getting the basics wrong. When you’re putting your outfit together, stop over-complicating things. Remember that you’re a man, and being overly extravagant isn’t necessary.

I like dark and classic colors like the combination of black, white and denim. Generally, I always look for high quality and my tip is to invest in items you will rewear. In other words, a successful signature style is one you will love for more than one year, and so your focus should be on wearing the things you truly adore.


Emil Vilain personal style

My Favourite outfit

My favorite outfit is slim, skinny jeans in black or navy blue completed with a white basic t-shirt. Sometimes I add a blazer or leather jacket. This brings more business-causal vibes to my outfit.

When it comes to footwear it’s all about high quality. Often I look for handmade Italian shoes or boots in dark colors – black or brown.

I always keep accessories to a minimum. But I’m not afraid to confidently adorn my wrists. I like to rock a raw and understated bracelet that shows high quality, but not in an overpowering way. A bracelet adds on-trends vibes to my outfit and complements my watch to perfection.  My watch – for example – means a lot to me because it’s a high-quality watch from Switzerland and it represents success and hard work.

Casual stylish outfitCasual stylish outfit


Complete The Style with Hair & Outfit

In the end, your style and hair must fit too. It’s very important that there is some kind of harmony between your hair and your outfit.

I can pull off many different hairstyles. Still, I almost always pull off the same style for my everyday look – a light pompadour or quiff.

Remember it’s possible to create many different looks with one hairstyle – REALLY – it’s all about styling skills and to be creative. Just check out the video below:

However, my favorite styling combo at the moment is a mix of By Vilain Gold Digger and Powermade. Gold Digger for an extreme hold that easily allows you to create spectacular hairstyles and  Powermade for a light and shiny finish.


Hairstyling with powermade

Combing hair black and white

Best Style Tips & Advice

Don’t let the fashion define you! What you wear should show the world your amazing personality.

Perhaps you haven’t found your personal style yet or perhaps you want to upgrade your wardrobe. However, before you go for a new look, you have to be prepared to spend some time researching for inspiration.

I recommend that you combine the basics with more expensive, exclusive or fashion inspired clothes like a nice pair of shoes, bags, watch, jeans or jacket.

Men's style tips

Remember, it’s always a great idea to get some inspiration, tips or tricks from a good friend.

Try out some different outfits and ask your friends to take pictures. In that way, you get the chance to see how it fits you and you can get used to the idea about the new look. And no matter what it’s always important that your show confidence with your look.

YOU CAN’T GO WRONG with confidence, a nice smile combined with a good looking outfit and awesome hair!