Thomas Shelby haircut

Best Haircuts: Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders, a gangster family epic set in 1919 Birmingham England, literally has taken over our screens and nearly been a Netflix obsession.

But just as much as we love the show, we love the haircuts. Especially the Thomas Shelby haircut (played by Cillian Murphy). He surely deserves an award for Best Haircuts.

Undercut Side & Textured Length on Top

When Thomas Shelby does not wear a hat with razor blades, he rocks an epic cut that is similar to this year’s textured crop trend. The cool cut is easy to wear and looks great for both formal and casual events.

The style looks modern but is actually from the 1920s. Pure, authentic 1920s haircuts were rough and utilitarian, often meant to be worn under hats when outside, and styled quickly if at all.


How to Get the Look

If you’ve decided to rock this do’, you should know how to style it just right!

The style is easy to achieve just make sure you got the right face shape for the hairstyle. The hairstyle fits perfectly for an oval face shape.

Thomas Shelby’s cut is styled with texture and often pushed over to one side. The undercut is short.

  1. Apply a medium to strong hold pomade or wax to your hair. For this textured, natural look, make sure your products provide a matte shine.
  2. Sweep your hair to the right to create a side-swept style with your fringe, while keeping the rest of your hair messy.

Well, are you ready to rock this bad boy, gangster look? Let’s know…