Summer hairstyles for men

Men’s Top Hair Trends Summer 2017

Summer is our favorite time of year! This season, let us rock some short and trendy haircuts without freezing our butts off. It’s also a wonderful time of the year to let go of those perfect, sleek hairdos and embrace that loose, natural look.

In the summer heat, priorities shift. You will for sure rock less warm outfits, although according to every fashion show, it is time to layer up.

The one thing you will be wearing constantly, however, is the crown you never take off: your hair. So you better make sure it looks its BEST this summer season.

Man with curly hair on the beach

The main question is: what will we see? Well, we will definitely see lots of natural texture, long and short lengths, as well as all of those in between.

Let’s take a closer look at this summer season’s hottest hair trends!


Short Hair (Crew cut/Army Trim)

Summer can be HOT! Opting for a shorter hairstyle once the summer hits mean less sweat, not to mention that short hair is much easier to maintain; it gives you the freedom to play with the look and customize it according to individual preference.

Short hairstyles are quick, easy, look great, and work for every hair type, especially very thick and curly hair.

Short hair is always ON TREND for men, but what we will see more and more of during the upcoming summer season is the so-called crew cut. This cut can be ultra-short, and that is perfect if you don’t want to deal with a blow dryer or use too much time on styling your hair every morning. It can also be done as a faded hairstyle, which has been extremely popular amongst men lately. This video shows how to get a Scandinavian skin fade with comb over…

If ultra-short is not to your liking, then go for the longer-on-top crewcut version. This hairstyle is still short all over, but the extra length on top makes it possible for you to style it in many different ways.

Check out the Short Sporty Side Swept inspired by Antoine Griezmann or the short Crew Cut and learn how to pull it off. 

Crew cut or army trim


Medium Hair (Undercut Grow Out)

Looking for a new look somewhere in between short and long hair? Then it is time to check out the super cool medium hairstyle for men.

Medium hair is versatile and stylish, as it can be messy or neat, classic or modern. More length means more options: loose and messy with long bangs or slicked back.

However, what we will see this season is medium hair with a so-called undercut grow out. Not that the undercut is totally out of trend! We certainly can’t deny that the undercut is still so popular that it will continue its onward march into the summer. Yet, the trend is to make your undercut grow out a little longer.

In this video tutorial, we show you how to get the medium short length hairstyle.  

Medium length hair undercut grow out


Curly Hair

Are you one of those lucky bastards, who is born with naturally curly hair? Then BEAT IT! Going with this year’s texture trend, curly hair is IT

Before letting someone’s scissors near your hair, keep in mind, that curly hair requires a different approach. Not all hairdressers are experienced with curls.

Long curls on top require a light hold product that will keep your hair in place. If you have looser curls, opted for the medium length hairstyle that can make it seems like you have tons of natural texture.

Learn how to deal with curly hair! Check out the Curly Fringe for men or the Undercut with Curls and Texture on Top.

Men with curly hair


Go wild (Bed Head/Messy Hair)

The messy hairstyle has been totally in for the last three seasons, and its trendy movements will continue during the summer.

If you have wavy, thick or curly hair, let your hair do the talking. The messy bedhead look still requires styling, but the main idea with the styling part is to add texture and volume rather than full control.

Don’t get us wrong! You will still have to style and control your hair, BUT the aim will be to create the illusion of not having spent too much time in front of the mirror.

Use a matte wax and a blow dryer with a diffuser to emphasize the texture and a looser look.

Here’s how to pull off the messy hairstyle with bangs and volume

Bed head and messy hair


Buzz Cut (Buzzed Skin Fade)

Summer 2017 is the ultimate season to cut off your locks. The good thing is that the buzz cut is still totally stylish.

Perhaps the best part of the buzz cut is the low-maintenance and easy styling. Imagine waking up in the mornings and having your hair ready to go…

Keeping the hair shaved close to the head is one of the easiest ways to control your hair, BUT it will still require frequent trimming. However, this timeless look NEVER “grows” out of fashion.

The other benefit is that buzz cut hairstyles are great for men with receding hairlines. But before you decide to shave your head, it is wise to consider your face shape. The buzz cut works best if you have a long, round or oval face. Here’s how to get the famous buzz cut

Buzz cut with skin fade


Natural Afro

Rocking it or not, the natural afro is BACK IN VOGUE!

During the summer, we will see more and more guys rocking afro hairstyles and wearing it longer. Nailing this style is not just about having the confidence to let it all hang out: the right hairdresser, the right styling products and knowing how to maintain it are key for afros. 

If you are rocking this awesome ‘do, you will need to wash and condition your hair to loosen it. It is not suggested to use a hairdryer: allow it to dry naturally before gently brushing it out using an afro comb. Finally, apply a shine spray to keep it in place.

Today this style is best suited for those who are working in less formal environments but can also look great when contrasted with smarter pieces.

Naturl afro


Fringe cut… Where did you go?

Fringe cut, bangs, face curtains or man fringe… Whatever you choose to call it, this cut was mentioned as one of the hottest hair trends in 2017. This cut is still a stylish way to express personal and individual “hipster” style, but according to us, it will not be among the hottest 2017 summer hairstyles for men. 

Rocking the fringe is a lifestyle and not everyone dares to wear hair on their forehead. Over the last few seasons fringes have been a growing trend in the hair world, but it is a look that has always been quite difficult to replicate at home. Are you considering a fringe cut?

fringe cut for men


What Do You Think?

Tell us in the comment section down below. Which summer hairstyles for men do you think will trend? And what hairstyle are you going to rock yourself?