Festival essentials guide

Summer Festival Essentials [Men’s Grooming]

You’re going to a festival this summer and you aren’t sure about, how you handle the hygiene-slack and all the filth.

Living in a tent with limited access to both showers, mirrors, and electricity can be a challenge. BUT just because you’re setting up camp in a (probably) muddy and (definitely) bathroom-free field doesn’t mean you have to admit defeat in the battle to look your best.

We’ve gathered a few grooming tips for you to survive the craziness of festivals while still looking your absolute best!


Mirror, Mirror…

Yes, we know you’re not a girl and you don’t use those things… But luckily all the rules change on a festival!

Just ask the other guys from your camp if they wanna share a mirror. You’ll be surprised how many will be up for the idea of purchasing a shared mirror for the camp. This way you’re not alone on the whole mirror-thing either.

Man looking in the mirror


Keep it Simple

There’s nothing better than a splash of cold water on your face in the morning. But right now you might be stuck somewhere without water and you can’t do the whole soap-and-water routine.

What to do? Well, if you can’t wash, wipe! 

In this scenario, your best and easiest skin care option is to use face wipes. Face wipes are not only great for cleaning your face and removing oil and sun cream, they’re also super handy and refreshing after a couple of days in the baking hot sun.

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Travel Size Your Regulars

You don’t have to throw on a hat every day just because you’re living in a tent. We’ve got the ultimate solution to keep up your daily hair routine and make sure you always look your best. 

Do you know, what they say about great things coming in small packages? Different brands offer different styling and hair care products in small sizes. You can easily get your hands on travel size hair products from some of your favorite brands and these are excellent festival styling aids – covering both pre-styling, styling, and hair care.

By Vilain Sidekick, Gold Digger, Dynamite Clay and Silver Fox on wooden table

Refresh Your Hair

Come rain, come shine. One of the most useful festival-aids any man can own is a so-called freestyler. It’s a water spray mainly hairdressers use. However, this tool makes it possible for you to make your hair wet and re-style it quickly and smoothly using a good comb and your styling product without ever needing a bathroom. 


Block Out The UVs

If you’re only choosing to take one skincare product with you, make it a sunscreen and top it off with a baseball cap and some cool sunglasses!

Hopefully, the sun will shine from time to time, so make sure you’re 100% prepared. Sunburn is not only painful, ugly and damn right uncomfortable, it also causes skin damage and can lead to some serious health problems. 

Do we need to say more? Do the sensible thing and protect your skin! 

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Pep Up Your Mouth

There’s nothing worse than a great guy with a bad breath. Come on guys – Keep it fresh! Brush your teeth every morning and night before you go to bed as usual – and you will have a good chance of getting a bit lucky..

However, while bad breath is quite easy to get on a festival, it’s a complete turn-off to even the most non-picky women.

Luckily, you got a huge variety of options to solve this particular problem: Gum, sprays, mouthwash strips, hard mints just to name but a few… What you choose is up to you! 

Tic Tac Mint, gum and a smiling man

Well, are you set for the festival season? Do you have any great essentials that you would recommend for festival-going?

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