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How to dress for Valentine’s Day

While some people think Valentine’s Day is terrible and that expressions of love shouldn’t be mandated to certain dates, others see it as a great opportunity to go on a (first) date or just celebrate their relationship.

However, no matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, it is an awesome excuse for stepping up your style game.

One thing’s for sure, there’s no need for a wingman because we’re giving you THE rundown on what to wear and how to groom for common Valentine’s date scenarios.

When you hit date night, wearing something stylish like a cool blazer will be noticed. Still, you don’t want to be extremely overdressed or underdressed. Everything depends on the occasion.

“What you want to do with your outfit is to make a good impression on your date. Dressing inappropriately is a sure way not to impress!”

The Casual Date

Are your date of the more casual kind? And by casual we mean going to a movie or drinking coffee at a mainstream cafĂ©. If so, go for the street look: Neat jeans in good condition, stylish sweatpants, a nice T-shirt, a cool sweater or a leather jacket – all of which are a definite GO.

Still, make sure you make it somewhat special even if it’s just a casual date. You’ll want to aim for the smarter end of the smart-casual barometer for this one, just in case you end up going for drinks after finishing the last sip of coffee.

Luckily, this is easily achievable: Adding cool accessories like a watch, bracelet, belt or sunglasses – a little something to add flair and an edge without overwhelming your date.

And even though you never go wrong by wearing basics like a white or black T-shirt combined with black jeans, it’s also super cool to add a little color to your outfit. Go for the jewel tones: Emerald green, midnight blue or dark purple.

The Day Date

If you and your date end up planning something less casual like going on a trip to another city or visiting your favorite brunch restaurant, surely you’ll want to wear something a little dressier.

Add a nice blazer, dress pants or chinos and make sure you have a pair of black or brown dress shoes, boots or a nice pair of clean sneakers.

Instead of flashing a completely unique outfit in order to show how different you are from everyone else, try demonstrating your individuality by focusing on the details. As mentioned above, cool accessories such as a colorful pair of socks will actually take you a long way.

The Fancy Restaurant Dinner Date

Well, you’ve managed to secure a reservation at that fancy restaurant downtown and to top it all off, you’ve placed an order at your favorite florist.

Now, what in the world are you going to wear?

Not much beats a sharply cut suit! Given that you’ve opted for the most traditional type of Valentine’s date, keep your look as classic as possible by wearing a suit in navy, light gray, black or in velvet texture – preferably dark tones.

Remember, the goal here is to appear well-dressed and attractive. With this in mind, go for the look by wearing a stylish blazer with a simple white shirt, a pair of classic black Oxfords and, if you’re in the mood, add a folded pocket square.

Unless you’ve booked a table at one of the fanciest restaurants, it might be overkill to add both tie and suit jacket. If suiting up feels a bit too much for you, then revert to a pair of classic chinos in beige, navy or black or maybe even try out a pair of cool leather pants?

The Staying In Date

Don’t wanna step out of your comfort zone? Or perhaps you just prefer to stay in on Valentine’s day?

Well, just because you won’t be leaving your home, it doesn’t mean that your trusted jeans-and-hoody-combination makes the cut!

Keep your outfit relaxed but presentable. This can be done with one or more of the following items: A pair of jeans, casual chinos, sweatpants, a shirt or lightweight v-neck or crew neck jumper and a polo shirt.

While footwear won’t be the problem, please make sure your socks haven’t got any holes in them… However, you are allowed to wear socks with a cheeky design or perhaps a cool design that compliments your outfit.

Stick To What You Know

No matter what you are planning to do this Valentine’s Day, the key is to choose an outfit you feel comfortable wearing. If you don’t feel comfortable, your date will notice for sure.

A rule of thumb here is not to try out a completely new trend or wear a new pair of dress shoes on date night. For obvious reasons, there’s a risk, that you’ll feel uncomfortable wearing it and that the shoes will hurt your feet.

Flatter Your Best Features

Whatever you choose to wear for your Valentine’s date, take time to pay attention to the fit of the clothes. Make sure your trousers fit well around the waist.

Pro tip: You should be able to comfortably stick three fingers in the waistband!

Moreover, find out which colors work well for you and flatter your natural coloring. In order to highlight blue or green eyes go for cool, dark colors such as gray and navy blue. Got warm, brown eyes? Try a warm, light color such as maroon.

The Final Touch

Besides your outfit, your grooming routine is extremely important!

First, wear perfume. But not too much of it. Opt for a classic, masculine scent and apply it to checks and neck. Consider giving your shirt a tiny spritz to give you date an incentive to get a bit closer.

Second, make sure your beard looks its best. It doesn’t take a keen interest in style to know that beards are back. Facial hair is just as important as your do’ and much like your hair, care must be taken. Pssst… Learn how to Pick a Beard That Completes Your Look. 

Finally, your hair is essential. A word of warning: Never try a completely new hairstyle right before your date!

Instead, go with the grooming routine you know and love. After all, your date already agreed to go out with you so you must be doing something right.
Learn from our experience and get your hair trimmed one week before the date and go to a hairdresser who knows the way around your hair.

Now you just need a date a plan!
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Okay, now we more or less got you covered Now you just need a date so you can plan the most romantic Valentine’s Day. If you need some dating tips, go check out Rasmus’s 13 dating tips for Valentine’s day here.

Good luck!