Styling hacks

18 Secret Tips & Tricks Every Stylish Man Should Know

It’s the beginning of 2018 and its’ time for renewal, repair, and good intentions. We’re going ALL-IN on helping you in your quest to becoming a magnificent man and kick-starting the NEW YEAR by letting you in on the 18 secret tips & tricks every stylish man should know!

Hair hacks

Use a pre-styling product 

Layering a base before adding paste, pomade or wax is vital.

Heat protection sprays, mousses, and even sea salt sprays have a very real impact on the finished styling when used correctly.

When it’s getting thinner

It’s never a blast when your hair gets thinner, nevertheless, it’s the man’s circle of life. However, don’t give up right away – the trick to making your hair look thicker and more manageable is using a matte styling paste or clay.

Matte hair products absorb the light and instantly make your hair appear thicker.

Less is more… 

When it comes to the hair styling, one of the biggest mistakes made by men is actually using too much product.

Remember that a small amount can go a very long way and using the product sparingly will also provide a more natural look

Pro tip: A good pre-styler, as mentioned above, will naturally spare you from using too much product as it helps boost volume as well as adding texture and hold.

Styling your hair with By Vilain

Keep it cool

God knows a blow-dryer is an everyday need for a lot of us – but, gents, don’t overdo the heat as it’ll leave your hair damaged and frizzy.
Instead, try setting the dryer on ‘cool’ mode.

While it might take a bit more time to get your ‘do dry, it’ll keep your hair in a much better condition!

The perfect pick-me-up 

All hairstyles benefit from a slight touch-up throughout the day – especially before swapping the office for the bar.
Unfortunately, it’s the fewest of us who has a hairdresser attached to our hip all day long.

Nevertheless, we’ve got THE pro tip for all you busy fellas on the go: Always carry a quality comb with you!

In the event of a hair crisis or an unplanned happening, most styling products can actually be re-activated by wetting a comb and running it through your hair to re-style. 

By Vilain Tool skeleton brush

No more than three times a week…

Do you wash your hair every day? If the answer is yes, you need to stop right away!

…At least if your dreaming of that model-like, healthy-looking hair.

If you ask the majority of hair professionals, you should only wash your hair every two or three days. Why? You might ask.

Well… That’s because most shampoos can actually be seriously damaging when used excessively. When used too often, shampoos simply strip your hair of the oils it needs to stay shiny, healthy and soft.

Lessening your shampoo-use will ultimately help fight frizz, make it easier to use hair products, lessen breakage and generally make sure your hair looks much more healthy and vibrant – what’s not to like?!

Get close with your barber

If both grooming and style are on point then your hair NEEDS to be as well, obviously! A sharp, well-maintained hairstyle depends on two things: Quality products and regular visits to a barber or hairdresser who knows the way around your ‘do.

Becoming – or more accurately – remaining a stylish gent from top to toe depends on the frequency of your visits.
– Our advice: Become bros with your barber!

Most guys need a quick topiary top up around every 4 weeks, so make it a routine to book for a period in advance and enjoy the feeling of a fresh haircut every single day!

Grooming hacks

De-frizz with your hair conditioner

Got a serious Sideshow Bob-kind of hairstyle going on? Regain control by rubbing a small amount of hair conditioner thoroughly through your dry hair to assuage the static.

Pro tip: Facial moisturizer is also a perfect in-the-moment de-frizzier.

Battle of the beards 

The attraction of a perfectly shaped beard should not be questioned. That is until your once well-groomed beard becomes either overgrown, dry or both and most of all resembles Robinson Crusoe’s…

A general rule to live by is to trim your facial hair every two or three weeks or, alternatively, pay a barber to do it for you.

Pro tip: The importance of a quality beard oil should never be underestimated! To keep your beard looking and feeling its absolute best, apply a good beard oil and distribute it evenly throughout your beard using fingertips or a bristle brush to protect the skin underneath from becoming dry and flaky.

Grooming your beard

Beat the Mother of all Hangovers

So… That “one after-work drink” with the boys turned into many…. Now it’s the morning after and you’re in need of full-on damage control, trying to turn what was once a man into something appropriate for work. Not to mention finding your keys…

The big black bags under your eyes are definitely your worst snitch! Luckily, something as simple as a bag of ice will tighten the sensitive skin around your eyes and combat puffiness – leaving you as bright-eyed as ever.

With not a minute to waste, there’s no time for a shower either. Here, talcum powder is first aid for your hair!

It works exactly like dry shampoo (in case you cannot just snatch your girlfriend’s), sucking up excessive grease. Apply to your roots, let it sit for a second and brush out.

Pro tip: No talc? No problem! Grab your pomade and comb – it’s time to embrace the greasy look of the 1950’s and ROCK IT!

By Vilain Powermade wax

Styling hacks

Stop the Pilling!

Pills wrecking your stylish knitwear? No problem!

Restore your knit’s finish with a sweater stone. All you have to do is stroke this pumice-look-a-like lifesaver gently over your pilling pieces and watch the surface of your jumpers, wool jackets and cuff instantly renewed.

Pro tip: Half-way out the door already? Grab a sharp razor blade and use it to VERY gently cut away pilling – but be careful, as a hole in your brand-new cashmere sweater is never a good look…

Mix it up

Does your wardrobe (also) need a quick pick-me-up?

This fix is definitely not rocket science – yet the result speaks for itself. Our #1 pro tip for putting an end to a boring wardrobe is mixing and matching across looks and styles.

So… if you’re keeping it classy all the way but lacking casual options, try balancing an oversize hoodie and minimalistic sneakers with tailored pants or matching that stylish dinner jacket with skinnies and a tee.

If you, on the other hand, got a shoe rack filled with sneakers, sub in a pair of loafers, Oxfords or swap your leather jacket for a luxurious blazer.

Mixing different styles – sporty and classic or high end with high street – adds a personal touch to your look and will ultimately create that effortless eye catcher.

Emil in Sand Copenhagen shirt and dinner jacket

Rasmus in Sand blazer

Fold pocket squares like a pro

The classic pocket square has actually been around for quite some time – it was officially introduced in the 1800’s alongside the emergence of the two-piece suit and, little by little, it has obtained status as a staple that ties an outfit together.

We’re huge fans of the pocket square’s perfect, effortless vibe but, nevertheless, it actually requires some skills. Not least because there’s a surprising number of different ways to fold a pocket square.

– But… We’re keeping it simple and starting out by teaching you the Square Fold – or Presidential Fold – which is equally easy and classy.

To master the square fold, simply fold the pocket square in half, then fold it back on itself in half again and then once more in half vertically, so you’re left with a perfectly folded, small square to pop in your pocket.

Now, all you’ve got to do is adjacent your newly folded pocket square to the top of your pocket.

Get close with the brands that got your back

This tip will without a doubt save you both a lot of time and trouble: Know the brands that suit you!

If you’re already a huge fan of the fit of a certain tee or particular trousers from a specific brand, chances are that you’ll be happy to try out a different style, color or fabric you wouldn’t normally consider.

Find out where to go for cutting edge, seasonal styles and, in contrast, who to trust for timeless, indispensable basics makes the process of building the perfect wardrobe that much easier!

Ice-cold denim

Have you ever tried washing a pair of your favorite jeans only to discover that this seriously killed their natural color? Believe us, you’re NOT alone!
But don’t throw out the jeans just yet – the solution is actually much more foreseeable than your weekly laundry day.

Instead of washing your denim – you need to throw it in your freezer. Crazy? Yes. Effective? OH, YOU BET!
The beauty of this freezer hack is that while you preserve the denim’s shade and shape, you’re still effectively eliminating bacteria.

So, freezing your favorite jeans in a plastic bag overnight instead of washing them is a 2018 go-to: Save the color, shape AND water – win/win!

Emil & Rasmus’ own favorites

“Second-day hair is seriously the BEST: Skip the shampoo and rinse with water to save those natural oils that make your hair look healthy and shiny – add just a tiny bit of wax and you’re good to go!

But, perhaps even more importantly, become best friends with your blowdryer, guys! Allocate at least 5 minutes every morning to blow-dry your hair – trust me, it’s worth every minute!

First of all… Hit the gym on a regular basis and make sure to eat healthy – get those vegetables  guys! Alternatively, shake things up a bit by becoming your own juicer.
– Taking care of yourself – from inside-out – is vital to feeling and looking sharp every single day!

When it comes to styling, make sure to stock up on fresh basics: Black and white tee’s, quality shoes, comfy socks and underwear – if the basics aren’t on point, then your new high-end blazer won’t be either!

Finally, and this is definitely our most important tip: Always choose to do what makes you happy – and make sure to be passionate about what you choose to do. That’s the true recipe for success!”

Did we miss a tip or two? Share your ultimate tips and tricks in the comments below, guys!