13 dating tips for [Valentine’s day 2020]

The 14th of February is known as Valentine’s day. It’s a day mostly for couples or aspiring couples to go on dates and have a good time. Valentine’s day is the day where you should expect to be invited on a date or seize the opportunity yourself to ask out your crush.
But even though asking or being asked on a date might seem like a big step getting to pull off a perfect Valentine’s day for you and your date is another matter. I gathered my very best tips to get a perfect Valentine’s date.

Grab your pen and listen up because here are my dating tips for Valentine’s Day 2020.

1. Getting her to say YES

Before you can go on a date you need the YES from your crush/girlfriend/wife etc. and this next tip is going to make it irresistible to say no. Your girlfriend and wife are probably going to say yes no matter what but there is always the chance of scoring some extra points and building an even stronger relationship.

So here it comes; the first tip for her to say yes is telling her that you planned something special for her. It’s important to keep some mysteries, just tell her to be ready to clear her schedule for the entire day/afternoon/night depending on how creative you’ve been. Remember a well-planned dinner arrangement is always nice, but we’ll discuss this in the next section.

2. Plan the day

It seems like such a simple step, but don’t be fooled this is what makes or breaks Valentine’s day 2020. You don’t have to overcompensate just think of taking the day from ordinary to special. Think outside the box and find things that you both would love to do together, but never do on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to find activities where you easily can communicate and connect.

In your plans, take extra care in knowing her schedule and plan accordingly. This will show her that you care and she’ll be happy you took effort in thinking of her needs. If you’ve been going to the movies a lot, she might like a change of scenery. The more activities and fun you can have, the more fun and memorable it will be. Knowing the program well by talking with/visiting the places for the date will help you build confidence. Being confident makes you relax more on the date and she will find you more attractive because you are in control.

Another tip making the planning easier is to pick no more than three things to do. Look up your ideas online and make reservations. If you can’t decide,  make a double reservation (just remember to cancel the one you won’t attend at least one day before). Don’t worry about double reservations a lot of people do not plan ahead so your cancelation will not go to waste.

3. Think outside the box

So, where should you bring your Valentine’s date? If you’re used to going to movies, take her somewhere new. It could be ice-skating, hiking, climbing etc. only you’re imagination decides, but know her limits and don’t push her to do something she’s not into. Remember it’s about connecting so don’t choose something where you’re an expert, it’s fun that your both equally bad at something and will most likely end up in a good laugh.


4. Going out vs staying home

If you’re a terrible cook don’t hesitate to go out and eat. If you, on the other hand, like to cook decide if you can find the time to set the mood and make her a nice homemade dinner. Remember to cook a special menu.

Going out for dinner doesn’t have to be at a  5 stars restaurant or Michelin; aim a bit higher than what you normally would choose, and yes that day you should insist on paying for the dinner.


5. Grooming & hairstyle

For this special day, you would want to look your absolute best.Check out our 9 grooming tips for men right here. Look like the best version of yourself so you feel confident from the start. If you know your date likes you clean shaved you should definitely go for it, if she digs your beard well, then trim it nice and groom it well with good beard oil. In doubt about your beard? Check out our beard guide here. A thing that always works is getting a fresh haircut/trim don’t be too bold but choose the one you feel confident wearing – find some more inspiration here: Best autumn and winter hairstyles. Finally, put on a nice cologne/perfume, if she has a favorite use that one. Otherwise go for a well-balanced perfume, preferably not too intense.

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6. What to wear on Valentine’s Day?

Instead of showing you 10 styles we covered it well in another blogpost what to wear on Valentine’s Day. In short, I think you should just wear something you feel most comfortable wearing. Be casual but don’t come in your ordinary clothes. It could be a shirt you know she loves. An easy way of spicing up your ordinary jeans could be putting on a white shirt, looks good both with and without a jacket/blazer. You can also wear a t-shirt with a jacket. This style is very comfortable and easy to pull off. It’s good to put a little twist in your look. Sometimes the restaurant requires a more formal dress code (suit and tie etc.) so always remember YOU HAVE TO TELL HER as well. Look below for inspiration.

Remember the sexiest thing you can wear is confidence


7. Make her laugh

Being able to make your date laugh is not only good for setting the mood on the date, but it also makes you more attractive in her eyes. Build a nice atmosphere of positivity and put aside the negative subjects in your talks. Give her plenty of compliments and give your joke when you think it fits in naturally and most importantly, make her feel special.

8. Should I bring her a Valentine’s gift?

This question is perhaps one of the trickier ones to answer. There are no rules about this, but the safest and easiest way of answering would be YES. Most people enjoy receiving gifts. Should you buy her flowers and should you bring them to the date or not? A small gift can be a good icebreaker, but don’t let it steal all the attention from the date. Knowing your date would be the best advice so if you, for instance, decide to give her flowers think if she likes attention or not. If she likes attention you may send it to her workplace/school and if not send it to her home address. If you’re meeting her at the location, it might be impractical to bring her a big bucket of flowers.

9. Making conversation on Valentine’s day

So, what should you talk about when you’ve already talked about the weather or how good the food is. Try opening up with your passions and emotions, but be careful not to overshare especially if it’s a new date. It could be a story about where you grow or one of your adventures.

10. Bonus tip

It can be a good thing preparing some questions to ask her. New York Times made a list of 36 questions that leads to love which I highly recommend you to read and prepare. You don’t have to read them all but try a few of them.

11. Dig deep

A good conversation should bring you closer with your date it’s about getting to know each other so try to steer the conversation to more personal topics, it could be, life goals, adventures or something to take your relationship to the next level as long the conversation is not drowning in everyday stuff.

12. Listening

If you like to talk a lot remember that it takes two to make conversation and even though she might not be as confident talking as you, give her time to answer and ask her to know more about her. Listening is just as important as talking yourself. When you listen you’re getting all the stuff you need to contribute to the conversation. She talks and you can add to that, and suddenly the conversation evolves to the next level.

13. Be Honest

Always, always, always be honest! Tell her the truth about who you are and not who you think she wants you to be. It can be easy to get carried away and exaggerating but remember she’ll figure it out eventually, so tell the truth and respect her and you’ll get a better night.

Remember dating is about spending time with another human being, so unless you are an actor try to forget about roleplay from the movies.

Have a nice date!

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Author: Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen