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How To Dress For The Festive Season [Men’s Fashion & Style]

December is here and that means PAAAAAARTY – so let’s bring it – it’s time to suit up!

Sure, there are different ways to celebrate the festive season, but whether you’re up for a Christmas party or just celebrating New Year’s Eve with your friends down the pub, what you wear on these nights is important.

So we think it’s time to ask; “How do you really upgrade your party outfit for the festive seasons?”

Suit up


If you ask us, style does matter. It is mostly about how you wear your outfit then what you wear – knowing your best looks, what fits you, how to pull off an awesome hairdo, trim your beard to perfection and how to up your style game with some badass accessories.


Go Classic & Formal

Choosing the perfect outfit can be tricky and challenging. You don’t want to look too overdressed or under-dressed. Still, New Year’s Eve is the biggest and most awaited night of the year, so we think it’s totally OK to get a little overdressed. 

Remember, in the modern day, we don’t often get many opportunities to dress up formally. Every girl is probably wearing a beautiful dress and high heels and every guy is suited with a shirt. EASIER SAID THAN DONE!

Yet, there isn’t a better excuse to dress up formally than at a fancy NYE party. And when it comes to men’s fashion and hair trends, there’s no doubt. The classic look is totally rad for this year’s fall and winter season!

Men in dark suits

Men in suits

The Black Tie Outfit = Full Formal

Depending on the dress code of the event, wearing a black tie outfit is a simple and stylish way to impress at any party.

We think that a black tie is an elegant way to really upgrade your look for the festive season.

Still, the trick is to blend some personality into your look. Remember, although there isn’t much variation in black tie dress code, there are many different variations within this dress code. 

The Dinner Jacket

What color are you opt for? You never go wrong with wearing a back tuxedo and it can be worn time after time!

That being said, there is something magical about a deep midnight blue suit which will add a nice twist to the classic look. The midnight trend has been bubbling for years and in low light, it gives a richness you don’t get with a black suit. 

Dinner jacket

A Velvet Blazer

A velvet dinner jacket is also a nice way to add some personality and a vintage feel to the black-tie dress code. Are you opt for a velvet jacket you must complete it with black trousers. 

Matching Trousers?

Easy, your trousers should match your jacket unless you’ve decided to wear a velvet jacket. Ensure that your trousers are not too long, too short or baggy!

Trousers for the suit

Waistcoat or Not?

Well, it’s up to you, but the waistcoat is the perfect opportunity to bring a bit of extra detail to your black tie. Get a plain one if you want to go classic, or one with trim or detail if you’re feeling a bit more exciting.

Waist coat

A Crisp White Shirt

If you wanna go with the Black Tie outfit, the classics are the best – clean, minimalist and timeless! The crisp white shirt is having a major comeback for men and we may all agree, that not much beats a man wearing a white classic shirt, right?

Still, it can be challenging to find a shirt that fits you perfectly. The key is, make sure it’s not too snug or worse too damn oversized.

White shirt with black tie or bow tie

Bow Tie Is A Must Have

There is no excuse! GO ONLINE – watch a video, then practice 😉

When it comes to bow ties, it really is the way to go if you wanna complete your black tie outfit. It’s up to you if you wanna match it with your suit – like satin with satin, silk with silk or do something very different. A different texture or feel can look great, but be careful when it comes to different colors or prints when you go for the formal look.

You don’t wanna be the guy with the fun bow, do you?

Bow ties

…Or Go All-Black

Yeah, we’ve talked a lot about the Black Tie outfit – BUT an all-black outfit can also look extremely sharp, sophisticated and add some badass vibes – IF you do it correctly. 

Here the key is to vary the textures of your individual pieces in order to create definition. Try combining a crisp black cotton dress shirt, knitted silk tie, and leather shoes.

Black suits

Be Prepared To Look Good – From Head To Toe

Although you may only need to look like James Bond once in a while, it’s worth the extra cash to do it right be wearing the right shoes!

The Oxford shoe has a trademark laced-up front with a low heel that’s always in style. Go get the shoes in shiny black leather. Give them a good polish and spray them with crepe protect.

Oxford shoes

Up Your Game With Accessories

Cufflinks instead of buttons? Yeah, now we’re talking – cufflinks are your opportunity to show some metal! Suited with the black tie outfit, it’s best to opt for clean cufflinks in silver, gold, black or onyx. If you wanna add a special and individual touch go look for a pair of vintage cufflinks.

And finally, a pocket square is another formal and cool accessory that you can up your outfit with.

Cufflinks and pocket square

The Finishing Touch, Your Hair!

Unlike our fathers, we thankfully don’t live in an age where we have to shave off our beard and cut our hair short. But still, ensure your hairstyle and grooming are perfect. Below you see 6 hairdos’ which are totally on-trend and yet awesome if you wanna suit up:

  1. The Simple Short Hairstyle
  2. Shoulder Length Hair (Middle Part and Side Part)
  3. The Quiff
  4. The Classic Side Parted Hairstyle
  5. Buzz Cut
  6. Man bun

Hairstyles for dinner party

HERE you can read more about how to pull these hairstyles off. 

Good luck, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!