Hachim Mastour hairstyle

HACHIM MASTOUR Hairstyle [Step By Step Tutorial]

We’ve made lots of hairstyle tutorials on some of the biggest football players. Just check out Olivier Giroud, Mesut √Ėzil and¬†Antoine Griezmann.¬†This time, however, we’ve decided to do an upcoming talent – the Italian/Moroccan wonderchild Hachim Mastour!

Born¬†in Italy to Moroccan parents the attacking midfielder has¬†been targeted by many¬†to be one of the biggest talents in international football. Last season MASTOUR¬†was on loan in M√°laga CF and this season¬†A.C. Milan¬†has sent him on loan in PEC Zwolle. The Dutch Eredivisie is famous for being one of the best divisions to develop talents so who knows where we’ll see Mastour in a couple of years?

Mastour Talking in a shoe and DJ-ing with a shoe

Undercut With Long Top & Line-Up

Besides being a talented football player Hachim Mastour is also rocking an awesome undercut with long top and a line-up (at left side-part). This is why we decided to feature him on Slikhaar TV. So are you ready for it?

Let’s start off by doing a meticulous photo tutorial on each step towards achieving the Hachim Mastour¬†hairstyle. At the bottom you’ll find a super cool video tutorial of the whole shebang!

As a bonus, you’ll discover how you can get this nice hairstyle – even if you have naturally curly hair like our model.


Step By Step Tutorial

Section part your hair Blow dry after hair washShave the sides and the back Shave the back down to 3 mm at the neck and 5 mm further up Shave the side to 3 mm at the ears and 5 mm underneath the side-part use a comb and a clipper to get a gradient Use a scissor over th comb to adjust the gradients Contour the edges with a shaving knife Shave a line up - 1.5 cm above left side temple Use a shaving knife to adjust the line-up Moisten the hair with a water spray Cut the top of the hair Thin out the top hair By Vilain sidekick Sidekick for a touchable hold and natural shine Apply the Sidekick before blow-drying Blow-dry the hair side-swept to the right Shake the blow dryer to speed up the process and prevent burningStraighten the hair if you have curls Cut the fringe to 12.14 cm and the top back 10-12 cm Highlight the edges By Vilain Black Fiber By Vilain Black Fiber Use a strong hold fiber wax to add texture and volume Apply it evenly to the hair Style the hair to the right Before and after the haircutHachim Mastour hairstyle

Products & Tools Necessary For The Hachim Mastour Hairstyle

Products for Hachim Mastour hairstyle

1. Shampoo and Conditioner, By Vilain Skyline US$20 2. Water spray, By Vilain Freestyler US$20 3. Comb, By Vilain Comb US$20 4.Hair-dryer 5. Straightening iron 6. Scissors 7. Thinning scissors 8. Hair clipper 9. Fiber wax, By Vilain Black Fiber US$22 10. By Vilain Sidekick 11. Thinning blade

Slikhaar TV Video Tutorial

There you have it –¬†all the steps lined up to follow for yourself. Now it’s time to see it all done in a video!