Justin Bieber hairstyles

The Evolution of Justin Bieber’s Hairstyles

Justin Bieber practically sports a different hair trend every time he appears in public. If you’re in the mood for a new hairstyle, then take a look at Bieber’s epic hairstyling saga.

Get inspired with these Justin Bieber hairstyles. The list is extensive! You can be sure to find one that will suit your personality, face shape, and style preferences. 

A Rising Star

Justin Bieber appeared for the first time on the music scene in 2009, and his Beatles inspired haircut came with him. If you’re 25 years old or younger, then this trend will suit your age. The cut is easy to maintain, and it makes it ideal for those with busy schedules.

Its jagged ends give this hairstyle extra texture, which makes it simple to shape with a small amount of wax. Bieber held onto this short, forehead covering look through 2010, and he even exhibited it on the television show “CSI.”


Making a Change

By 2011, Justin Bieber’s starter hairstyle had worn out its welcome, and at the Golden Globes, the star’s tousled locks appeared looking trim. For this style, the sides and back of Bieber’s hair tapered along his head, and this let the hair lay naturally. To create the front, Justin’s hair was cut in a face-framing style.

If your face is oval, diamond or oblong, then Justin Bieber’s 2011 hairstyle will flatter you. At this time, the singer had embraced a preppy look that included plaid and fine leather jackets, so the haircut was the perfect choice.


Another Transformation

By the end of 2011, Justin Bieber’s hair experienced a big change in the form of a bold attitude and plenty of hair product. To create the new, spikes hairstyle, the star’s hairstylist trimmed the back and sides up high around the ears.

A ragged cutting technique was also used for added texture and height. You will need a high-quality wax to mimic the raised look that Bieber sported with the style. The hairstyle will work well with your face if it’s oval, round or triangular.

The Revolution

When Justin’s 18th birthday arrived, his hair became slicker and trendier. He transformed himself from the cute boy next door to the almost seasoned artist with fashionable hair. Bieber’s new hairstyle set the stage for his bad boy image, which included tattoos, leather and monochromatic clothing.

To get this look, have your hairstylist trim the sides and back of your hair close to your head. It should also feature a neat edge. This will meld into the style’s top length. The top will be kept longer than the back and sides, so you can style the section with a pre-styling spray and wax or clay.


Bieber Going Lighter

In 2014, Bieber presented a beach blond look complete with more tattoos and toned abs. With a lighter hair tone, the singer allowed the sides of his hair to grow out a little, and this created a loose, shaggy look.

To get this hairstyle, have your stylist lighten your hair a few shades. If your hair is especially dark, consider using two or three different shades of blonde.

For styling, you’ll need a good pre-styling spray and a quality wax to create the raised front section. With his lighter locks, Justin embraced a skater boy style that included white tank tops, plaid shirts tied around his waist and jeans.


A Layover in The 80s

More recently, Justin Bieber’s hair travelled back in time by about 35 years to revisit a look that last appeared on a “Flock of Seagulls.” Due to its platinum, floppy styling, the haircut is easy to wear.

On Justin, the look is more subdued since it features choppy layers that rest across the side of his face.

This hairdo will look best on you if you’re 25 years old or younger. Since it features a bit of bedhead styling, it’s forgiving on those mornings where you’re running late.

Take a look at this video and watch how to get platinum blonde hair like Justin Bieber! 



Because of his youth and willingness to experiment, Justin Bieber’s look has gone through many changes. Let his hair evolution inspire your next style!

What year was Bieber’s hairstyle at its best? And is his look one that you would like to try?

If you want more Bieber-inspiration, take a look at the video below. We show you how to get a Justin Bieber inspired hairstyle…