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How To Style Your Hair Like Justin Timberlake

If you’re looking for a hairstyle as trendy as it is timeless, you can’t go wrong by copying Justin Timberlake. The pop music icon has long set the standard for men’s hair, but he’s really outdoing himself in 2015 and 2016. 

Justin – or JT, as he is affectionately known as – has been rocking what’s commonly referred to as the “neat sweep” look for some time now. Chic, masculine and stylish, the hairstyle is versatile and easy to achieve. Better still, it works well with virtually all hair types.

The Evolution of Justin’s Hair

When he first stepped into the limelight during his Mickey Mouse Club and NSYNC days, Justin Timberlake let his naturally curly hair fly free. The pop singer surely tamed his tight curls with various products, but he let it grow and flourish more then than he has ever since. The look was decidedly boyish, so it was fitting at the time. In the years since Timberlake has moved away from his curly-haired roots and has adopted sleeker and more stylish haircuts.

Without question, the neat sweep look he’s currently sporting is the apex of this evolution. So, where can he go from here?


Justin’s 2015-16 Look

Timberlake’s current hairstyle, the neat sweep, is probably the most in-demand look for men in 2015-16. Considering that his hair is naturally very curly, it’s impressive that he can pull it off.

The look is simple enough: It consists of classic, short hair around the sides and back. Up top and up front, though, the hair is several inches long and parted dramatically on one side. It is then swept forward for a sleek, defined look. Whether he’s on the red carpet or out on the town with his girlfriend and the little one, JT and his hair always look terrific.

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How To Get The Neat Sweep Hairstyle

So, is the neat sweep right for you? It works best on hair that is straight and thick, as evidenced by Timberlake’s success with it, however, guys with wavy or even curly hair can pull it off too. But they must take the additional step of straightening their hair for it to look like JT’s.

While the hairstyle works well for nearly all guys, men with receding hairlines should proceed with caution. The style draws attention to the forehead, so it can make even a mildly receding hairline quite noticeable.

Alternative Options

One of the best things about Timberlake’s 2015 neat sweep style is its versatility. Indeed, you can go in many different directions with this look.

A few examples include:

1. Long on Top

To pull off the basic look, the hair on top of your head needs to be at least a few inches long. If you’d like a little more flexibility, grow it out to about four inches. You can then style it like Timberlake does or let it flow free. You might even grow it a few inches longer and occasionally put it up in a trendy man-bun.

This video tutorial shows you how to do the perfect man bun – check it out! 

2. Undercut

We know! The undercut has been “the” look for some time. However, the neat sweep can easily be adapted to include an undercut element, and this style breathes new life into the look. You just have to be willing to shave the back and sides regularly, or it will start to look messy and unkempt.

3. Pompadour

If you don’t mind relying heavily on hair products, the pompadour look can be achieved with this hairstyle too. As with the other variations, you should let the hair on top grow out a bit first. Invest in some decent pomade like By Vilain Powermade, and use it to achieve that classic, slick, “wet” look. It may take a little time to get the hang of it, but there’s no question that this is a chic and elegant look for any guy.

Justin’s Future Hairstyle

What hair tricks does Justin Timberlake have up his sleeves for the future?

Well, there’s no telling, but one thing’s for sure! The pop icon is sure to keep wowing the world with his incredible hairstyling prowess. In the meantime, give the neat sweep look a try yourself as soon as possible.