Hairstyle tips for men with thick hair

Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair

Although many men are tormented by thinning hair, it can be difficult dealing with thick hair as well.

Maybe you’re one of those, who don’t know how to deal with thick, wavy or unruly hair?¬†If so, don’t you worry!¬†Between fuzzy curls, coarse texture, and other dilemmas associated with thick hair, we give you 5 tips that will cut styling time and help you remain in control of your appearance.

1 Moisturize Hair

Thick hair tends to become brittle and dull looking. Due to its texture, the scalp’s oil has a hard time reaching the ends of the hair, which leads to dryness and split ends. To prevent these problems, you¬†must invest in¬†products¬†that provide essential moisture.

Many modern shampoos and conditioners contain avocado. Since this ingredient is full of vitamins A, B6, C, and K, folate, and protein, it keeps hair well hydrated. It also contains fatty acids that provide strength. Even though it’s only necessary to shampoo twice a week, you are advised to condition daily.

Besides depending on products to keep hair moisturized, there are numerous home treatments that work as well. Although it may seem odd, applying plain yoghurt to your hair adds nourishment and shine. You can place one-half cup of plain yoghurt into your hair and let it sit for approximately 20 minutes. After your hair is rinsed and washed with shampoo, you will notice a big difference in its texture, which makes it easier to manage the thickness. It may sound crazy, but try it out!

Man showering

2 Add Definition and Try Thinning

With¬†thick hair, it isn’t¬†necessary to opt for a dramatically short haircut. Thinning shears are great tools that remove the weight of thick hair but maintain its length. Unfortunately, many stylists don’t use these shears correctly. It is essential to cut thick hair away from the scalp so that shorter pieces are not created. Short strands may push on longer layers and give the appearance of even thicker locks.

When styling thick hair, it is important to find a product that adds definition. A¬†styling wax¬†will provide texture and tame unmanageable thickness so that your hair stays¬†in place and doesn’t appear bulky.

3 Don’t forget the Blow Dryer

Product and tool can both make or break your style. One of the most important tool to use to style thick hair is the blow dryer. Use the cool setting and position the unit downward. This will lower the volume and create a sleek and smooth effect. Remember you always have to ensure that your hair is damp and NOT wet. Before blow-drying heat-protection is also necessary and it also stops the hair from becoming too soft or unruly. If your hair is frizzy, try applying a smoothing balm before drying. It will make it easier for you to style.

Check out the video below and learn how to style your hair with a blow dryer! 

4 Consider a Buzz Cut

The most obvious hairstyle for a man with thick hair is a buzz cut. Keeping hair shaved close to the head is one of the easiest ways to control thickness, but it will require frequent trimming. No matter the upkeep, it is a timeless look that never goes out of fashion.

A buzz cut is simple to style, which adds to its appeal. However, before you decide to shave your head, it is wise to consider your facial shape and personal circumstances. Since the short style takes attention away from face length, the buzz cut works best on a man with a long or oval face. It makes overly large heads appear more proportional as well.

Unfortunately, certain negative features may make a man rethink a buzz cut. For instance, if you have a square jaw, a short cut will make it appear larger. Also, scars on the scalp will be revealed. To camouflage a small scar, it is possible to cut hair at a slightly longer length.

There are many buzz cut variations, so it is possible to experiment and find the most flattering style.

Over the last few years,¬†David Beckham¬†has sported a number of these styles. He has gone from completely shaved to a “mini mohawk” and joined the side-shave rave as well. A crew cut or flat top are other options. The difference between the styles is the amount of hair left on top of the head.

If you are unsure about this drastic cut, it is wise to begin slow and go shorter in the future. This will allow time to get used to the look.

Are you considering a buzz cut? Check out this video

David Beckham with a buzz cut

5 Consider a Long Hairstyle

Men with thick hair have the ability to enjoy a multitude of long styles. Thanks to the texture, hair can be layered, feathered, or combed in numerous ways. Current trends are repeating popular styles from the past.

For example, the Elvis-pompadour has made a comeback, but with a slightly modern twist.

Today’s “quiff” begins as a pompadour and ends with a flat top. The key is attaining volume – to achieve a crisp finish and shine – and here a¬†pomade like By Vilain¬†Powermade¬†is ideal!

And remember if you want more height and definition, a styling spray should be applied before blow-drying.

Check out this video about the fade pompadour haircut and how to style it! 

Still, always have in mind, that hair is an extension of a person’s personality, so it is essential to find a cut that is complimentary. Although thick hair can be challenging to style and maintain, using the right products is the first step to success.

In the video below Emil shows you how to get a wavy hairstyle inspired by Patrick Dempsey and Brody Jenner.