Autumn and winter hairstyle 2015

Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2015 (Fall/Winter)

Cooler weather is on the horizon, and maybe you’re rethinking your current hairstyle?

The fall and winter 2015 season is full of fresh new looks built on a strong foundation of classic styles. You are no longer limited to highly structured hairstyles. Instead, you can customize styles according to your hair’s natural texture and look.

The straight-off-the-runway hybrid styles of the upcoming fall season are low-maintenance for getting you out the door fast, but they still look great in virtually any environment from school and work to a night out.

Hottest Fall/Winter Hairstyle 2015

Whether you follow trends closely or prefer to march to the beat of your own drum, changing up your current style can brighten your look and may even give you a fresh outlook on life. The top trends for the upcoming season are a great place to start.

We give you the top trends and best looks of the season.

Men's Fall and winter hairstyle 2015

1. The Versatile Fade

The fade can be seen just about everywhere and for good reason!

It is so versatile that it can be made your own with just a few easy changes. A fade is a style that is longer on top and tapers as you get closer to the hairline. The degree of tapering can range from hair that is shaved quite close to the head to a softer scissor taper, which eliminates that “fresh from the barber” look.

The hair on the top of your head can be shorter or longer for simpler styling or more complicated looks. Use a high-quality hair wax like By Vilain Gold Digger to give your hair definition and style quickly and easily. A fade works well for many different hair textures and can even help hide a receding hairline or thinning hair much better than the more obvious comb-over.

Watch how-to-get a fade hairstyle here

The versatile fade

2. The Smooth and Simple Side Part

This hipster-inspired style is totally on-trend while still being conservative enough for the most professional office environment. As with the fade, the cut is longer on top and shorter on both the sides and along the part. The side part works for just about any hair type. If your hair is curly, work in just a bit of your favorite styling spray to get maximum volume and keep your part sharp.

Straight-haired guys can try a semi-matte powder like By Vilain Blow and a styling wax to keep flyaways under control and keep hair from looking too “done.” Although this style is simple, it has serious staying power that has led to the side part becoming a classic favorite.

Check out this video – we show you how-to-get a smooth simple side-part like Justin Timberlake. 

Man with a smooth and simple side-part hairstyle

3. The Trendy Undercut

The totally on-trend undercut has a sharp, military feel and can be dressed up or toned down as desired. The hair should be cut short or even shaved on the back and sides and left longer on the top. There is no blending as with the fade; instead, the undercut has a distinct line marking the differences between the upper and lower hair.

The top can be allowed to grow long and tied back or tucked into a neat man bun, slicked to the side or back or teased into a pompadour for a more retro feel. If your hair is wavy, you can have layers cut or razored into the longer top, and then tousle it with volumizer for a sexy bedhead look.

Learn how to style the trendy and disconnected undercut in this video!

Men with undercuts

4. The Low-Maintenance Man Fringe

Although this style looks high maintenance, it is actually pretty simple to recreate. It starts with long layers that can be styled just about any way possible. Add a little By Vilain Sidekick heat protective spray before blow-drying your hair into your desired style. Sea salt spray can add texture to casual styles while still allowing the hair to move freely. For those who prefer a more structured look, a pomade or gel will keep the locks in place all day long.

This is a particularly flattering cut that can allow you to make the most of thin hair or balance out a heavier face. Bangs can be swept back, teased for fullness or brought forward to create several different looks from one simple cut and draw attention to your favorite features.

Check out this video and watch how to style a fringe!

Man rocking a long low maintenance man fringe

5. The Hybrid Quiff

This is definitely not your father’s coiffe. The modern quiff starts off as a pompadour and ends as a flat-top. It has a fun retro feel with a modern twist and is flattering for just about any man. Use a round brush for curly hair or a wide-toothed comb for straighter hair as you blow dry for greater volume.

Finish with a blast of cold air from your dryer once your hair is dry for maximum shine. Use a hair wax or styling spray to add definition and texture to your pompadour.

If you are feeling more casual, let your hair air dry and go with a more unstructured look and feel.

Are you condensing a Quiff? Check out this video.

Modern quiff

Finding Your Ideal Look

Your hairstyle can be a great way to express your personality and make a personal statement. It can complement or contrast with your clothing, or it can pull your whole look together. To find the best color, cut or signature hairstyle for you, talk to your barber or stylist. Make sure your stylist is on the same page as you and understands what you want from your new look.

The hottest hairstyle this season could fall flat if it is not right for you, so be aware of your face shape and hair type to ensure you get the most out of your new look. Take pictures to your barber so that he or she understands exactly what you want. For the best results use products that are specifically designed for your hair type and the desired effect.

Well, fall is a great time to switch up your look. What effect do you want to create?