Iconice David Beckham hairstyles

10 Iconic David Beckham Hairstyles

David Beckham and his wife Victoria have become one of the most stylish power couples of the U.K. In his own right, Beckham has inspired plenty of fashion trends throughout his years in the limelight.

We’ll give you some of his most iconic hairdos, and some pointers for duplicating his signature style. Starting with the more current looks and ending with some of his old standards.

1. Modern Pompadour

A mature Beckham sports the Modern Pompadour with effortless ease, whether he’s attending a royal wedding or a dinner date with his posh wife. Longer hair along the top and sides provides lofty height while a neatly trimmed edge in the back makes a sleek finish. To duplicate this classic style, mist your hair with an enriching texturizer and work it in from tips to roots.

Blow-dry the top hair using a paddle brush to pull it upward and back. You can use By Vilain Sidekick styling spray to keep the hair in place. This adds airy volume while training your hair to bend in the right direction.  Apply a finishing product, and work it through the hair. Then, sculpt your pompadour with your hands, shaping the sides of the top hair toward the center and smoothing the ends back.

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David Beckhams different hairstyles

2. Hat Hair

Hat Hair – Beckham-style – is simple yet cutting-edge. Cultivate Beckham’s Saturday morning casual chic by covering your bedhead with a slouchy knit cap. This works best with short hair, but you can tuck longer locks underneath if necessary.

3. Side Shave Rave

A relaxed take on the Beckham pompadour, the Side Shave Rave has the soccer star all but bald along the sides of his head with a longer mop on top and in back. Fringy ends and a tousled, no-comb top provide that devil-may-care demeanor that the celebrity is known for.

Ask your stylist to trim the sides close with a number one blade from the curve of the skull to the hairline. Then get the rest of your hair trimmed into uneven 3-inch layers. Work this Beckham style with some medium hold hair wax, and separate sections with your fingers, so the overall effect is slightly spiked on top and relaxed around the edges.

David Beckham side shave rave

4. Spiky Caesar

Hail the Spiky Caesar! Especially when it’s done David Beckham style. This shorter hairstyle features forward brushing from the crown of the head to the front fringe. The athlete opts for the classic cut, which is short everywhere without a taper in front.

True to his trend-setting form, however, he wears it spiky, with the short Caesar bangs brushed back from the forehead. To get the Beckham Caesar, have your hair trimmed to the desired length. Work in some wax, and brush back to get the slightly edgy, slightly spiky finish that separates the Beckham Caesar from the rest.

5. Close Shave

The Close Shave is a summertime classic for guys on the go. This style is maintenance-free and keeps you cool when temperatures rise. Simply ask your stylist to buzz your head all over, leaving your hair very short but not invisible. Accessorize with earrings to channel vintage Beckham.

Beckham with a close head shave

6. Man-bun

Beckham answers the Man-bun question with an emphatic “why not?”
Just a few years back, the star footballer sported various versions of this controversial hairstyle long before it gained a popular following. He styled it with impeccable panache, adding light blonde highlights to brighten up his dishwater blonde locks.

Somewhat messy but eminently manly, his Man-bun typically takes the form of a half-ponytail high on the back of the head. To pull of this look, your hair should be shoulder length. Work some light holding wax into the front sections of your hair from the ears forward, and then comb each section back and slightly upward. Leaving the hair at the back of your head down.

Secure the front sections in a plain ponytail band a few inches south of the crest of your head. Loop your man-tail into the band for a loose bun, if desired.

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7. Short, Bleached and Tousled

An easy transition from the close shave, the Short, Bleached and Tousled do is a somewhat longer variation that pairs allover lightening with Beckham’s signature tousle for a great beach hairstyle. To get the look, let your shaved style grow out to approximately an inch (or how long you want it to be) in length, and then visit your salon for the coloring.

To style, work some wax into your hair, comb it forward and then push it back with your fingers to get the uncombed effect.

Take a look at this video and watch how-to-get platinum blonde hair! 

Beckham with a short, bleached and tousled hairstyle

8. Mini Mohawk

Early in the 2000s, Beckham inspired legions of males to get more adventurous with his well-coifed Mini Mohawk. Far from the stegosaurus-style you might see at a punk rock concert, Beckham’s version is neatly trimmed, just inches in height and, naturally, handsome.

The soccer phenom later sported a faux hawk, basically a grown-out Mini Mohawk with a less defined line between the central ridge of hair and the shorter sides. To nail this Beckham style, frosted tips and tousling are required.

9. Long Fringe Sweep

With his striking looks and straight, luxurious tresses, Beckham wore his long, sweeping fringe of the late 1990s with great confidence, laying the foundation for his longstanding “ladies’ man” status. All the length from the scalp to the tops of the ears and parted on one side, this hairstyle features a slightly longer cut in back.

To copy this classic style, start with the cut and then visit the salon for some subtle blond highlights. Let the hair flow naturally, sweeping across your brow line to one side. If you like, secure your fringe with a spritz of hairspray to keep it from straying over your eyes although some would say that’s part of the charm.

David Beckham with a long side swept fringe

10. Mullet

It’s truly amazing how Beckham makes even the much-maligned Mullet hairstyle of the 1990s look chic. A combination of straight, cheek-length locks up front and a longer trim in back certainly add up to a mullet, but the football star steps it up to the status of trendsetting style.

To get the Beckham mullet, part your straight, 5-inch tresses slightly to the side, and let them flow freely to frame your face. Get a blunt cut in the back that extends about 4 inches longer. Tousle freely, shake and repeat.

The Beckham secret

David Beckham’s adventurous sense of style has initiated many men’s hair trends from the 1990s to present. He isn’t hesitant to experiment with different colors and hair lengths, and he doesn’t care about bending a few fashion rules. Whatever style he chooses, he manages to wear it with success.

Well, what do you think is Beckham’s secret, and which one of his many looks is your personal favorite?