Men's shoes

9 Pair of Shoes Every Man Should Own

It’s a part of our job to help you look your best, so we’ve put together an ultimate collection of the 9¬†most essential types of shoes that should be in your closet.

You can use this post as a checklist to make sure that¬†you’re prepared to look good anytime and anywhere – from head to toe!

1. The Oxford Shoe

Although you may only need to look like James Bond once in a while, it’s worth the extra cash to do it right by wearing the right shoes.
The Oxford shoe has a trademark laced-up front with a low heel that’s always in style.¬†Get the shoe in black leather for job interviews, performances or formal occasions requiring tuxedos.

Many consider it more classy than the similar-looking black Derby shoe because the metal rings around the shoelace holes hide inside the Oxford, giving it a cleaner, more minimal and sophisticated look.

Do remember to polish them! Applying a special leather conditioner before polishing every three months will keep your Oxfords looking like new if you live in cold, dry climates.

Brown Oxford shoes

 2. Classic sneakers

Maybe¬†you need a shoe that stands out when you don’t want to blend in? Or maybe you just want to follow the latest trends and high street fashion?

Classic sneakers is a natural shoe Рand the best thing about natural footwear is that you can wear it with practically anything!

One of the most stylish brands comes in a crazy amount of customizable options is the classic Adidas Superstar 80s sneaker. New models are always arriving, and there is a huge collection that suits any kind of personality.

Choose sneakers that express your personal style, for clubbing, sports activities, hot social events or… you get the idea!

Cool and classic sneakers could be:

  1. The Adidas Superstar 80s sneaker in gold leather literally looks like liquid metal.
  2. Singer Pharell Williams created the Adidas Originals Superstar with a snakeskin toe and camouflage print.
  3. Adidas Superstar “Primeknit” is the two-tone classic in black and white.
  4. Choose from 50 different colors in monochromatic styles in the Pharell Williams’ Adidas Original Superstar 80s collection.
  5. Grab Justin Bieber’s favorite Adidas shoes lately – the Kanye West x Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 low-top sneakers in grey or black
  6. …Any other sneakers you can recommend? Maybe by another brand?

Classic black and white sneakers

3. Birkenstocks

When it comes to men’s footwear during the summertime, the sandal is a perfect choice.¬†But still you have to be careful: sandals can be too feminine,¬†too hippy or just too downright ugly.

However, Birkenstocks have morphed into summer’s must-have shoes. No wonder why!

The sandals were a huge hit in Europe in 2014-2018 – and it seems that it will continue next year too! And at the same time, the Birkenstock-trend is getting more and more worldwide.

The ironic thing about these sandals is, that they are supposed to be practical and healthy. Not only are you trendy, but you also make a good choice for your feet too. Isn’t great to have an option that allows you too stay cool and constable at the same time?

Well, even though Birkenstock is an everyday sandal, we also highly recommend Birkenstock as a travel sandal for men looking for both comfort and style. You can choose between different styles, textures and colors. The classic and most popular is the Arizona model in black or brown.

Beige Birkenstock sandals

4. Casual Athletic sneakers

Sneakers for everyday wear is a MUST HAVE!

A perfect example of the ideal trendy trainers that are durable and go with almost any weekend or everyday wear are the casual athletic sneakers line – the New Balance brand’s line – the “Real Ale” pack.

These British-made running shoes get their names from England’s craft beers, with colors that you would normally see in a¬†beer glass – burgundy, burnt orange, deep brown and black. They all have a chic, suede pigskin leather with white soles and laces that perfectly match the shoe tops.

Athletic sneakers

5. Leather boots

Whether you’re rock climbing, trekking through the forest or just want to look cool – maybe on a motorcycle – leather boots give that rugged look, which¬†tells the world you can handle anything!

The perfect boot will have rubber soles with an extra-gripping tread that lasts through even the wettest weather.

Boots work well with jeans, T-shirts and even some business-casual styles too.¬†Don’t pick boots there are too high or too low around the ankle; what you want is just enough ankle coverage to allow about eight shoelace holes on each side.

Remember you’ll have to apply a strong leather protector before you start wearing your boots outside. This way, the leather will keep its original shine and strength no matter how much mud, water or snow you may encounter on your journeys.

Brown leather boots and matching belt

6. The classic Converse All Star (waterproof shoes)

Waterproof shoes… Is that cool or what? Well, with the Rubber Collection by Converse in black, red or yellow you can both stay cool,¬†waterproof and warm – all at the same time! What’s not to like?

This shoe is a high-top sneakers with full-ankle coverage and it has the classic Converse All Star design with a completely water-resistant exterior to get you through any puddle.

Who knows, maybe this shoe will become your new favourite for autumn or winter…

Yellow Converse All Star Rubber Collection

7. Classic Slip-On Vans

Among the designer styles, a favorite for 2015 was the Vault Classic Slip-On Vans – it’s a classic shoe.

The¬†famous contemporary Japanese artist named Takashi Murakami created a new pattern for these Vans to show off the fun of anime culture along with classic Japanese pop culture to create truly “signature-style” shoes.

These shoes include skulls or smiling-flower patterns, and you can select a design in full color or outlines in silver or gold on a white background.

Slip-ons are perfect when you need something just a step above carefree flip-flops that you can still put on or take off in seconds. Vans are breathable to help you enjoy the outdoors, being around water and more.

Vault Classic Slip-On Vans in red

8. First-class leather and rubber flip-flops

Poolside events and beach vacations are never complete without flip-flops, but it’s a mistake to think that a simple pair of plain rubber flip-flops will last more than one summer.

That’s exactly why flip-flops with stronger rubber soles and leather thong tops are a better option for a shoe that shows that you have better taste than the average beach bum out there. The Havaianas brand sets the standard for this shoe category with their Urban Premium leather and rubber flip-flops in beige, grey or black.¬†Even with Polo shirts as well as all types of shorts – both casual and semi-casual.

The neutral colors will also eliminate any need to worry about color combining; just wear them with anything and focus on soaking up more of your precious summer while it lasts.

Leather and rubber flip-flops

9. Slip-on Loafers

One favorite style of shoes has got to be the slip-on loafer. Loafers are the perfect balance between formal and casual. Wear the loafers with jeans, or when dressed up with a suit.

There are different types of loafers shoes. Loafers are a structured slip-on shoe which are normally made out of leather or suede.

One important word you must know when talking about loafers is the vamp. The vamp refers to the top of the shoe, the piece of leather that goes from the toe and extends over the top of your foot. If you want a loafer that you can wear with a suit, make sure you get one with a high vamp.

Further, you must choose between leather and suede. Leather loafers tend to be more formal and suit a more structured formal look. Suede, on the other hand, is more casual and works great during summer where the lighter material would be of benefit.

Once you have the¬†material¬†down, it‚Äôs time to pick the style of loafer!¬†Most important is to choose a style that fits your outfit and personality – then you’ll look like a true gentleman at all times.

Leather slip-on loafers

Well, which shoes in this top 9 list are your favorites? And if we didn’t include your favorite shoes, please tell us why they¬†should be on this list!