Peace Day: Things That Make You a Happy Man [Life Hacks Part 2]

The International Day of Peace (Peace Day) is celebrated around the world each year on September 21.

What makes a world more peaceful than happy people? Are you happy?

We’ve decided to make a follow up on 10 life hacks that will make you a happy man and provide you with 5 new hacks that will ensure you keep smiling and make the world a better and more peaceful place to live in.

1. Be Open-minded

Next time you’re in a potentially awkward situation with a stranger or on a blind date, don’t look away or at your phone. Make eye contact and smile.

In general, you will be a much happier man if you are more open-minded to the world and other people’s lives.

Remember to ask questions and show interest in what other people have to say. In the end, it will return to you…

2. Create To-Do or On-My-Mind list

Write stuff down!

Take notes in meetings, even if you throw them away straight after. Record your workouts to ensure you’re making progress. And write down 3 things that you’re grateful for every evening before you go to bed.

Research found that writing down negative thoughts then physically throwing them away can clear your mind and make you happier.

3. Read, Read, Read

You’re already doing it! You’re reading right now…

Online books, school books, blog posts, magazines, and news. Read and become more insightful.

Reading doesn’t just boost your vocabulary, it makes you more analytical too. You can reduce your stress level by reading just six minutes at a time. Stress can be a major factor in unhappiness, but reading helps relieve some tension.

Reading can also lead to an open mind, which will increase your happiness.

4. The Magic of a Good Night’s Sleep…

…because an exhausted person is never really a happy person!

Even though most people think they don’t get nearly enough sleep because of work and late night shows on TV, everyone knows that sleep is important. But what lots of people don’t know is that sleep is very important to our overall sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Getting enough sleep will lead you to better health and greater happiness. If you don’t get enough sleep, your brain will tend to think more negative thoughts.


5. Don’t Overshare Your Life

Take it down a notch.

Dip a toe in from time to time, but also challenge yourself – see if you can eat a whole meal without Instagramming your starter, or if you can go to the gym without Snapping a picture of your sixpack. See if you can make it through an entire Friday without telling Twitter that you’re glad it’s the weekend.

Perhaps just assume that most people feel the same?

Try to keep your main focus in the real world – it’ll not only make you happier but also your friends, partner, and your family.

Well, how do you rate yourself when it comes to feeling happy? Let us know…