[Oktoberfest 2017 For Men] How to Dress with Style

Time your party right and travel to Munich in Germany NOW to join the world’s biggest beer festival – OKTOBERFEST – a fun, boozy festival with lots of food, dancing and of course BEER.

Your outfit is important to complete the party! Here’s how to dress with style. Remember you don’t have to look like a Bavarian to join the festival 😉

What to Wear?

Men’s traditional Oktoberfest outfit consists of:

  • Plaid shirt
  • Shorts or trousers in leather (better known as Lederhosen)
  • Suspenders
  • Alpine hat
  • Bavarian shoes
  • Jackets or vests

Tone it Down

There’s no reason to go all in with your outfit if you don’t feel like working those eye-catching lederhosen.

If you’re not up for the traditional Bavarian-look – which is, BTW, totally understandable – we recommend that you go for more traditional essentials, adding on extra accessories if you feel the need, or go for a toned down look with more modern pieces. 

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A Plaid Shirt

One of the most common features of men’s Oktoberfest outfits are the plaid shirts.

A plaid shirt is the item you can’t really do without, as it’s the main thing that’s going to give you that authentic Oktoberfest vibe.

A plaid shirt is easy to get your hands on and still very fashionable. You can grab one from pretty much any brand. Just make sure you pick the right colors like bold red, green or blue.

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Shorts or Trousers

You can either try to imitate the traditional lederhosen-look or ignore it completely. As we mentioned before, it’s totally understandable if you choose not to wear it.

Opt for a pair of chino shorts instead. Keep them in natural colors like brown, beige or black, which will help bring that authentic vibe to your outfit.

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There are different variations when it comes to shoes, but the traditional design is called a Haferlschuh.

Considering the fact that you’re going to be doing a lot of walking in potentially muddy fields, comfortable shoes are a must.

Add a rough touch to your outfit and opt for some lace-up boots to make your outfit more stylish. Choose brands such as Timberland or Dr. Marten in natural brown or black to match the rest of your outfit.

“TIP: If you’re looking to try and blend in sneakers or trainers in white is a BIG NO GO”

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Do I Need Suspenders?

If you’re going for the full-on Oktoberfest outfit, suspenders are a MUST.

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But all in all, you should keep your shirt plaid, your lederhosen or chinos sharp and your accessories to a minimum.  

Play hard and drink beer if you feel thirsty! Have a great party out there.