How To Manage Curly Hair [Men’s hairstyle]

Curly hair might sometimes feel like an unruly curse you didn’t ask for, don’t deserve and seriously don’t have time to fix – but we promise you: There ARE some real advantages to a good head of curls

Learn How To Deal With Curly Hair

Curly hair, while difficult to tame, can give you volume and endless styling possibilities.

Here are some curly tips to get you started

Your curls will add volume and texture to any hairstyle without any need for expensive products or much effort – and there are more haircut choices out there than you might actually think.

Typically, curly hair is coarser in texture – and it absorbs light rather than reflecting it, so curly hair tends not to look as ’shiny’ as straighter hair would.

The easiest and most versatile way to keep curly or unruly hair under stylish control is by keeping the sides and back short and adding more length, letting the curls be your focus point.

Doing this lets your curls do the talking and give you the great option of sweeping them to the side, to the back in best pompadour spirit or letting them hang forward and embracing the tousled look with a fringe – and maybe even combined with a disconnected undercut?

No matter what length you choose to go with, the key to keeping your curly hair look its very best is to lock in moisture, prevent that frizz and a couple of other rules to keep your curls cool.

Here are 5 pro tips for men with curly hair:

1. Get a proper haircut

No matter what hair type you have, it always helps by going to a decent hair salon and getting a new fresh haircut. The best cut for a man with curly hair is dependent on strength of the curl and how much volume you’d like to have.

– Want more volume and go to your curls? Opt for layers.

– Got a serious curl going on? Keep it short, around 3 inches
– Got more of a wavy head of hair? Then you can go a bit longer – opt for 5-6 inches
Pro Tip: Curly hair needs to be trimmed and cut when it’s dry.

 2. Avoid styling products with high alcohol content

These are exceptionally bad for curly hair, as they dehydrate. Same goes for cheap mousses – crispy hair is never a good look!

3. Curly hair tends to be a bit drier than straight hair

Because of this, we recommend you to minimize your hair washes to once or twice a week to avoid drying out your curls even more. If your hair is to the greasy side, search for a shampoo specialized for oily hair. Additionally, your money is well-spent on a moisturizing conditioner. It will help you beat frizz (which truly is the number 1 enemy of curly hair) and just make your curls that much easier to handle. 
Finally, when stepping out of the shower, make sure you gently pat instead of rubbing your hair with the towel like a full-on crazy person.
– Pro Tip: Get used to apply a hydrating mask once in a while – it’ll help detangle your hair and keep it as healthy as possible.

4. If your curls are particularly thirsty

Use a good moisturizing leave-in cream, it can be a good investment for your curls. It will prevent your hair from getting frizzy and generally make your curls easier to manage.

By Vilain Dynamite Clay with the lid off

5. Steer clear of heavy gels or wax products

Unless you want to make a slick back in which you should grab your glossy pomade. Creams, salt sprays, and even leave-in conditioners all work much better – they define the curls and keep them more or less in place without weighing them down.

Pro tip: Use your styling product in wet hair to prevent breakage and makes it much easier to apply.

How to style curly hair

Styling mens curly hair

Now it’s time to decide, what you’re going for…

  • In it for the tight, neat curls? This calls for a bit more styling and a high-hold pre-styling product that can be worked from root to tip when your hair is still damp. Follow up by blow drying your hair using a diffuser. The pre-styler will help keep your curls in shape and close to your scalp as well as battle humidity. Finally, use a molding cream to form your curls, making them soft and pliable.
  • Opting for serious volume and a relaxed, casual touch? Then sea salt is your new wingman! A spray or foam will add just the right amount of hold, texture and smooth finish – without the hair getting sticky. Use a few pumps on damp hair and let your hair air dry to get the best result possible.
  • Want to go without for a day? We don’t blame you. Sometimes it can be a nice change to get rid of the curls for a while. A straightener combined with a paddle brush and a hairspray will bless you with a new look for a day or two and can be a big savior on bad hair days. 

What tools & products do you need?

Styling curly men's hair

Tools for curly hair

A diffuser for your blow dryer:  Think you can live without it? Not a chance. But there’s a number of different types of diffusers out there so be smart about it: Got long, thick curls? Go with a large base and finger picks that are wider apart. In contrast, if your hair is shorter, choose one with a smaller base that will help create more bounce to your curls.

A wide tooth comb: To keep your curls free from tangles and knots, choose a wide tooth comb with flexible teeth that can help you de-tangle and smooth down frizz without damaging your brittle hair stands.
Pro Tip: Use the comb in-shower to evenly distribute your conditioner (which you, of course, use everytime you wash your hair.. Right?).

Products for curly hair

When you got a head full of curls, choosing the right products becomes vital.
As mentioned above, curly hair is a bit drier. This means that your curls will thank you for choosing a moisturizing shampoo alongside a good (leave-in) conditioner that’ll tame and smooth your curls. 

Of course, you’re not only looking to get healthy hair you’re most likely also in search for styling products. We would recommend you to go with clays or pomades depending on the length of your hair. If your hair is mid-length or long go clay, otherwise opt for pomade.

By vilain Seabreeze Seasalt spray lying on a sandy beach

Finally, if you’re all about them curls,  a sea salt styling product will forever work wonders – especially in long hair. It helps keep your curls in place, leaving them soft, bouncy and full of texture.


Got a secret tip for dealing with curls? Share in the comment section below!