Red carpet attire

How to Dress Like Leading Men On the Red Carpet

The 90th Annual Academy Awards (The Oscars 2018) is almost here! It’s time to roll out the red carpet for some of the biggest stars in entertainment, as they’ll soon appear at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, to dazzle us with fashion and glamour.

It’s easy to assume that it’s more fun and exciting for the leading ladies to get ready for the red carpet. When you’re a man wearing a tuxedo like all other men, how will you be able to stand out from the crowd and steal the spotlight?

Red carpet dresses

Well, there are in fact many interesting options for men when it comes to choosing an outfit for the red carpet – or a big gala.

And even if you aren’t making it all the way to The Oscars, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look as good as the dashing leading men, right? So let’s SUIT UP and take a closer look at how to get dressed for the red carpet.

Eddie Redmayne, Kevin Spacey, Jerad Leto and Leonardo DeCaprio on the red carpet

Black Tie Dress Code

Tuxedo, dinner suit and a black tie. Even though it’s probably the most common look on the red carpet, you can never go wrong with formal.

Black tie dress code

What does black tie mean?

Black tie is a dress code for social functions and occasions that starts after 6 pm. You can basically translate it to “this party is fancy and men should wear tuxedos”. The “tie” actually refers to a bow tie!

It’s very essential to get it right. Luckily, it’s far more simple than you might think…

The Tux Jacket

Opt for clean, sleek lines when trying out potential tux jackets. Single-breasted dinner jackets work universally well and black is always safe and stylish.

Tuxedo jackets with clean sleek lines

The Tux Trousers

Tux trousers should match your jacket (unless you’re wearing a velvet jacket). Ensure that your trousers are hemmed and not too long or too short.

Perfect fitted tux trousers

The Dress Shirt

A classic white dress shirt in a high-quality fabric is what you should go for. Clean, minimalist and forever, most importantly, timeless.

Timeless white shirt

The Dress Shoes

Patent leather dress shoes are a MUST for black tie looks. Keep things classic yet youthful with slightly narrow round-toed shoes or a shiny pair of patent shoes.

Classic round-toed black shoes and black patent shoes

Midnight Blue

A black tuxedo might indeed be a classic choice. It’s also a safe bet and perfect for the non-risk-taking man. But have you considered going for a midnight navy look instead?

Midnight blue tuxedo

A navy tux is an excellent yet classic alternative to black. It absorbs slightly more light, giving you a sophisticated edge and works incredibly well with certain skin tones, adding a cool twist to the classic look.

A Non-black Tux & Texture

Perhaps you prefer experimenting a bit more? Then you need to keep reading!

Step out of your comfort zone and go for a suit in a different color and texture. Different colors like grey, brown, maroon, green or purple or a different texture like velvet are totally cool if you do it right!

A velvet dinner jacket is HIGHEST FASHION right now and will add a vintage feel to your look. The trick is to ensure that it fits perfectly. However, keep in mind that if you choose to wear velvet, you should wear smart black trousers alongside. Do not wear a whole velvet suit, unless you wanna steal the spotlight for various reasons.

Cool stylish red velvet tux

Choose the Right Color

Regardless, you need to choose a color that fits you and sends the right message.

Whether you opt for a mid-grey or charcoal tone, a grey suit is classic and can be dressed up in a number of ways.

Man in grey tuxedo

The brown tuxedo has a classy and aesthetic look that works great for both daytime and evening affairs. The color is best paired with light or dark earth tones.

Stylish brown tuxedos

A white tuxedo is another classic option – especially on warmer days. It’s elegant when paired with a black bow tie and black trousers.

Stylish white tuxedo paired with black bow tie and black trousers


And if you’re up for something completely different, patterned tuxedos are powerful, fun, and great for anyone wanting to make a statement or starting a conversation. Generally, these are best paired with matching accessories or classic black.

Patterned grey tuxedo and red tuxedo

Choose the Right Lapel

Did you know, that there are three types of lapels to choose between? Here are the lapels every gent should know about: 

A notch lapel should never be worn at a black tie event. If you buy a cheap dinner jacket it’s probably going to have a notch lapel.

Peak lapels are traditionally the most formal. These jet fighter lapels have been around for over 100 years and are the most expensive lapel to manufacture.

A shawl lapel is characterized by rounded edges and is the most common on dinner jackets/tuxedos for that special night out or if you plan on taking home a couple of Oscars.

Notch lapel, peak lapel and shawl lapel


Fit Is Everything

Almost any suit is great when it is tailored for your body.

Tailor measuring tuxedo

Accessories Make the Difference

Wear cufflinks, a watch, dress shoes, a bow tie or tie. Make sure to have fun with it…


Cufflinks, bow tie, black patent shoes and watch

The bow tie can be tricky. You have to make sure the bow tie is proportionate to your face: The wider the face, the wider the bow tie; the longer the neck, the longer the bow tie.

It’s up to you if you wanna match the bow tie with the texture of your suit – satin with satin, silk with silk or something very different. An alternative texture or feel can look great, but be careful when it comes to different colors or prints if you go for a completely formal look.

Rasmus and Emil dressed for the red carpet


Well, now you’re set to rock your way on the red carpet like a PRO! Do you have any tips in mind when planning to steal the spotlight? Let us know below 😉