007 Awesome Bedroom Gadgets

Most men love GADGETS! Especially when gadgets make your life easier, allow you to dwell in your own laziness OR when you really have a hangover. 

Think about the one place on earth where you’re permitted to be as lazy as you wish… Your BEDROOM!

We’ve assembled a list of 7 AWESOME BEDROOM GADGETS to allow you to become the James Bond of laziness in your own bedroom and control everything from your bed!

Be sure to read this while laying in your bed ūüėČ Let’s hit it!


1. Elevation Bed

Some people think elevation beds are only for¬†the ill and the old¬†people. Nope, they are also made for you! Take a look at your old sofa bed in your room.¬†You obtained¬†this beast because it¬†seemed so smart that you could just flip it over¬†and call it a sofa each morning. But let’s face it – you never use it as a sofa…

Besides, a sofa bed radiates “I am a¬†bachelor”! So why not buy an ELEVATION BED¬†instead? This way you can remain a bachelor, but¬†none of¬†your friends or family members will judge you.¬†They’ll just think you finally grew up and found a decent bed, which is exactly what your elevation bed radiates when not elevated.

When you’re alone and wanna watch a movie, just elevate your bed, lean¬†back and enjoy. And when you need to fix things on your computer, you don’t have to leave your bed and sit less comfortably at something as stupid as a table. Your¬†elevation bed easily allows you to sit up and scribble on your laptop¬†(there’s a reason it’s called a LAPtop, you know). Heck, you can even eat in your elevation bed!


2. Remote Mouse App For Mac/PC

A long time ago you got your hands on a super stationary computer. But nowadays you¬†never play all those video games like you used to. Instead, you’ve hooked up your stationary computer to your TV¬†with an HDMI/Thunderbolt cable and use it to watch Netflix. Or perhaps you’re using an¬†iMac for the same purpose.

Regardless, nobody should force you to leave your new elevation bed! This is where your smartphone enters the big screen Рlike literally! Download a user-friendly remote mouse app on both your computer and your smartphone or tablet.

Henceforth you¬†shall¬†control your computer and gain both¬†mouse function and keyboard via your wifi without messing around with a wireless mouse and keyboard. And you don’t even have to get up when you need to put on a new movie or download those darn missing subtitles! Smart, right?¬†

Here’s a list of free apps that works on both iOS & Android:

Remote Mouse FREE Рwireless keyboard, trackpad

WiFi Mouse (Wireless Mouse/Trackpad/Keyboard)

Mouse Kit (Presenter + Keyboard)


3. Remote Controlled Socket (RCS)

See that floor lamp over there in the corner of your room? You really wanna¬†dim the light, don’t you? But you are too hungover to get up?¬†

Now that we’ve managed to make you control your computer and TV¬†from your bed, why not give you total control of all the¬†electric sockets in your room? Imagine using a radio frequency controller¬†to turn on/off all your domestic appliances like lamps, radio or the fan.

Get rid of that aggravating evil red dot on your TV while sleeping, that annoying humming sound from the laptop charger you forgot to plug out, or reboot your internet router when the internet provider is trying to ruin your day by neglecting their speed promise! These are just some of the reasons for you to add RCS plugs to your electrical sockets/outlets and start using a controller.

The controller works at a distance of up to 25 meters (82ft) from the RCS – even when hidden behind furniture. And you even reduce your carbon footprint and save both electricity, money, effort and time.

Just remember to stick these bad boys directly into your electric sockets and not into any power strip or extension cord (power strips and extension cords can go into the RCS, however).


4. Sound Pillow/Speaker Pillow

Your only desire is to relax and listen¬†to¬†your favorite music, an audiobook or perhaps a language book. You’ve already surrendered your exhausted body to the bed. You do not wish¬†to get up again fetching your headphones, and music just isn’t the same when solely deriving¬†from the speakers of your smartphone.

This is where you hook up your smartphone, MP3 player, radio, tablet, laptop or TV (any music source with a 3.5mm minijack stereo plugin) to your SOUND PILLOW (also known as a speaker pillow)!

The speaker is built inside the pillow and you can control the volume for only you to hear the music, even if someone was sleeping next to you.

By establishing a background noise that distracts any ringing sensation felt, this will also help sufferers of tinnitus, just as soft music or relaxing sounds of nature will help sufferers of insomnia. Sleep tight!


5. Body Pillow

So you’ve tried the sound pillow, but there’s still something missing in your bed… Someone to cuddle with?

This¬†soft¬†C-shaped or U-shaped anaconda voluntarily wraps itself around you while laying in bed. It¬†molds itself to your body and supports both sides of your body like a cocoon. This way you won’t toss and turn while sleeping.

Because of the fusion fibers, it will remain soft and fluffy and not go lumping or clumping. Comes with a washable pillowcase.


6. Nightstand Fridge

Upgrade your nightstand to contain a fridge inside – just like in those fancy hotel rooms.

With a wooden nightstand and fridge combined, your beer, soda cans or sandwiches will always be within reach and you can save leftovers for the next movie or when you wake up thirsty. 


7. Automatic Curtains/Motorized Drapes

Well,¬†you brought home a girl…¬†Even though you hid your body pillow, she still shook her head¬†after being introduced to¬†your elevation bed and RCS. She even called you lazy, though you know she’s just jealous of your super cool gadgets.¬†Now’s the time to really impress her with something a little more stylish¬†and luxurious.

After having fumbled around all the remote controls on your nightstand fridge and accidentally turned on half your gadgets, finally, your curtains begin sliding apart elegantly. Even though no panoramic mountain view unveils outside, your girl is impressed! Good thing you bought those AUTOMATIC CURTAINS (also known as motorized drapes)!

Like a smooth James Bond, you activate your favorite seduction playlist¬†via your remote mouse. From this point, we have no more gadgets to recommend… The rest is up to you!


Do you already own any of these awesome gadgets yourself? Or do you own other cool gadgets to recommend for your fellows? Please tell us in the comment section below.