The football season is more than started and we’ve been enjoying it so far. It’s hard to predict a winner in every league this season so we decided to look upon our area of expertise instead. With a lot of players changing club over the summer, lots of them also changed their hairstyle or made adjustments to it. Therefore, we decided to pick 10 players that we believed had the greatest hairstyles this season. Our choices are based on short and trimmed hairstyles, which exclude players with long hair. We hope you enjoy


10. David De Gea 

David De Gea rocks a slicked back undercut at our no. 10 spot and we’re sure it makes him a better keeper. It fits him perfectly and we give him credit for keeping it precise and sharp. Furthermore, De Gea is also known for trying different hairstyles like the time when he rocked a small top-knot. In addition, we’ve made a David De Gea Skin Undercut hair tutorial – check it out. 

How to style: Use 6-8 pumps of pre-styling spray, and blow-dry your hair while combing it back. Finish off by applying a pomade and let your fingers do the work. 


David De Gea, Goalkeeper Manchester United


9. Marco Reus

This man has always maintained a great hairstyle. With the perfect fade undercuts and different hair lengths on top, Reus has always looked sharp. His latest version of a side-swept pompadour is a great look on him, it looks smooth, clean, and the hair is combed back to the side without making it look to slicked back.

How to style: Apply 3-4 pumps of pre-styling spray and comb your hair to the side. Use an extreme hold wax, and make sure to maintain a high fade. 


Marco Reus, Dortmund


8. Neymar

Like his skills on the pitch, Neymar’s hair is phenomenal and we applause his innovative hairstyles. Due to an injury, it has been little we have seen of him on the pitch lately but he still makes sure his hair is fresh. Currently, he rocks the curls with a sharp undercut and a lot of class.

How to style: Apply salt-water spray and a good clay wax in wet hair to leave your curls bouncy and smooth. 


Neymar, Paris Saint Germain


7. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi hasn’t always been known for his hairstyles since his glamorizing skills with the ball have overwhelmed everything else the little magician is made of. However, over the last few years, he’s become more invested in his hair and we love it! He’s tried out many kinds of haircuts from long to short hair and we believe that he wears the short best with a classic side-swept fringe.  

How to style: Use a strong or extreme hold wax and push your hair up and to the side. Avoid hairspray to allow the hair to fall naturally. 


Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona


6. Philippe Coutinho

Coutinho moved from Barcelona to Munich during the summer. With his move, Coutinho has been able to find his old form again. We believe that his hair might be one of the reasons why. He’s supported by a strong side-swept cut that fits him well and it’s definitely one of the current go-to styles. Furthermore, Coutinho has highlighted his hair which is a great look for him, supported by a clay wax with a matte finish.

How to style: Apply 6-8 pumps of pre-styling spray, blow-dry your hair into position and finish of with a clay wax.


Philippe Coutinho, Bayern Munich


5. Paulo Dybala

The young Argentine might not experience the same success he used to in Juventus with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo last year – but it doesn’t change the fact that his hair is always on point and we’re sure that he’ll show of his skills once again this season. Dybala usually goes for a slick back inspired hairstyle with a side-swept. Get inspiration from our Paulo Dybala hairstyle tutorial.  

How to style: Apply pre-styler, blow-dry your hair into the right shape and apply a strong hold wax with a natural shine. 


Paulo Dybala, Juventus


4. Sergio Agüero

This man is just magnificent at scoring goals and wearing different hairstyles. His short dyed hair shows how bold Agüero is – but this look also suits him really well. It’s an attention-getter and we have seen many other players dying their hair like Agüero, in particular, his teammate and fellow countryman Nicolás Otamendi, Mesut Özil, Lionel Messi, and Javier Martínez just to mention a few. Agüero is well supported by a natural colored mid-fade with a messy look on top.

How to style: Use a strong or extreme hold wax, avoid hairspray to allow the hair to fall naturally and finish off by pushing your hair a bit forward. 


Sergio Agüero, Manchester City


3. Sergio Ramos

In third place, we have the Real Madrid captain. Ramos became very noticeable when he moved to Madrid in 2005. His long hair became a signature for him and he was easy to recognize on the pitch for his style of play and his hair. After cutting it off he still maintained his position as a hair icon by trying out different hairstyles. Even though, they all suit him well we’re especially fans of his latest crew haircut which makes him look as tough as his way of playing. We’ve also made a Sergio Ramos Crew Cut tutorial – check it out

How to style: Maintain a high fade and use an extreme hold wax on top to create some texture. 


Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid


2. Olivier Giroud 

The French World Cup Champion represents the perfect gentleman. His hair is always on point and we’ve seen him go with many versions of the pompadour and we couldn’t imagine a better model for that hairstyle. Furthermore, several of our hair tutorials are inspired by Giroud. Check out our latest Olivier Giroud hairstyle tutorial

How to style: Use 6-8 pumps of pre-styling spray, blow-dry into the right shape and finish off with a pomade. Pro tip: If you want a stronger hold you could mix our Gold Digger and Powermade to get a shiny and strong hold finish. 


Olivier Giroud, Chelsea


1. Cristiano Ronaldo 

On top of the list, we find no other than Cristiano Ronaldo. Since his move to Manchester United in 2003, Ronaldo has been a hair icon. He’s not only known for his skills on the pitch but also for his changing hairstyles. Over the years the Portuguese man has maintained his position as the no. 1 hair inspiration and a lot of guys are going for his style when visiting their barber. Currently, he’s rocking a side-swept slick back – but we’re sure that guy could rock almost any hairstyle.

How to style: Apply 6-8 pumps of pre-styling spray, blow-dry your hair into position and finish of with a strong hold wax. If you want more shine, mix it with our pomade.  


Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus



We hope you liked our top 10 for the best football hairstyles. Hopefully, we’re not too far from your opinion or else comment below to give us your top 10. We’re looking forward to continuing providing you the best news, offers, tips, and tricks on hair. Stay tuned!