Michael Fassbender haircut

Step By Step Tutorial: Michael Fassbender Haircut 2016

Now that summer is coming to an end and we can welcome a new season it’s time for a seasonal hair-upgrade!

BUT the question is… What will we see during the season?

It’s Time To Return To The Classics

The fall brings a more classic look. Men’s hairstyle trends will be short, side-parted and well-groomed – and the face will primarily be clean shaven.

Let’s inspire you to return to this classic look!
We have taken some awesome hair inspiration from the Hollywood-actor Michael Fassbender.

Micheal Fassbender as Tom Sherbourne and Alicia Vikander in The Lights Between Oceans

Why Go For The Michael Fassbender Look?

A picture-perfect example is found in the German-Irish Hollywood-actor Michael Fassbender. Fassbender is starring as lighthouse keeper Tom Sherbourne in the drama The Light Between Oceans directed by Derek Cianfrance. The movie premiered in September 2016 and co-stars the Swedish Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander playing Tom Sherbourne’s wife. The drama is set in Western Australia in 1918 and several years onwards, and the noticeable about Fassbender’s character is the well-groomed classic side-parting.

Before and after the Michael Fassbender haircut

Let’s do it, guys! A Step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve Fassbender’s popular hairstyle from The Light Between Oceans.

Step 1: Wash Your Hair

Make sure to wash out all products to achieve more manageable hair during the haircut.

Step 2: Section Part Your Hair With a Fine-tooth Comb

Form a line slightly above your head’s temple (where the side of your head starts to curve in again) and backwards in each side with a fine-tooth By Vilain Comb. Link these sidelines with a connecting line at the back of your head. Comb the hair underneath the line downwards and the hair above the line up towards the top center.

Step 3: Blow-dry Before The Actual Haircut

It’s much easier to assess the cutting angles when the hair is dry. This way it’s also easier to create an overview of the final hairstyle result and regularly adjust your cutting.

Wash, section part the hair, blow-dry

Step 4: Trim Your Edges

Use an electric trimmer to trim around your ears and draw a straight line in your neck and a steep slope at the lower hairline (to create a soft edge gradient before the fade up in the rest of the backhead).

Step 5: Scissor Over Comb Technique

Trim above and under the side-parting with a By Vilain Comb to straighten out the angle and make the gradient smooth. The gradient goes from 5 mm (bottom) to 4 cm (top) of the sides.

Step 6: Let The Top Join The Sides

Same reason as step 5 (you want to go for a gradient rather than undercut) – only this time you don’t use a comb but only the scissors.

Trim the edges, scissor over comb, join the top and the sides

Step 7: Create a Gradient From The Fringe To The Top Center

Cut from the fringe and backwards on top of your head to gradually make it shorter and shorter as you go back. The fringe maximum length should be 7 cm and the top center around 5 cm.

Step 8: Use a Hair Thinning Scissor

Thinning your hair will make it easier to style when the hairstyle is done. If your hair is thick, it also prevents your hair from getting the appearance of a heavy helmet. 

Step 9: Apply Pre-styling Spray

By Vilain Sidekick applies texture and hold, heat-protection and it boosts the volume of your hair to improve your styling options.

Gradient from fringe to top center, thin the hair, apply Sidekick

Step 10: Add Glossy Pomade

Pomade is the right choice for this look. It adds the perfect amount of shine. Also, applying By Vilain Powermade on top of pre-styling spray gives you an even better hold and heat-protection before you blow-dry it again.

Step 11: Blow-dry The Styling Products Into The Hair

By blow-drying and combing the products into the hair (before they dry up naturally) you have even more control in the following styling process. The products will melt and bind themselves to your hair. Remember to gently shake and tip the hair-dryer to speed up the process and to prevent it from burning your hair.

Step 12: The Finishing Touch

Style again to get a perfect finish. Comb the hair into place and add extra pomade, if needed. Consider using a By Vilain Giant Comb or By Vilain XL Comb in combination with By Vilain Powermade to make the hairstyle look a little more natural and a little less well-combed.

Style with a glossy pomade, blow-dry the product into the hair, style with a comb
The finished result of a Michael Fassbender haircut

Styling, Tools & Products for the Michael Fassbender haircut


1. Comb, By Vilain Comb US$14 2. Spray, By Vilain Freestyler US$14 3. Shampoo, By Vilain Skyline Shampoo US$10 4. Conditioner, By Vilain Skyline Conditioner US$10 5. Pomade, By Vilain Powermade US$22 6. Comb, By Vilain Giant Comb US$14 7. Spray, By Vilain Sidekick US$22 8. Comb, By Vilain XL Comb US$14 9. Brush, By Vilain Skeleton Brush US$14 10. Scissors, a hair thinning scissor 11. Blow-dryer, Random 

Time For a Video Tutorial

In this Slikhaar TV video tutorial, we show you how to achieve Michael Fassbender’s classic side-parting. Tell us what you think in the comment section! Will you join the trend and go for the roaring 20s party-look?