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REDHEAD RENAISSANCE: The New Ginger Loving Trend [Video Tutorial]

Red hair… Hot or not?
Well, only 1-2 % of people have naturally red hair. Unless you visit Ireland, red-haired people are a minority.

Yet we still see more and more film directors, fashion designers and photographers include redheads in the leading part, on the runway and in exhibitions – from fiery orange to bright copper to deep burgundy.

The question is, are we experiencing a Redhead Renaissance where the gingers suddenly have become an exclusive and different trend to display on the big scene?

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Female Gingers Have Always Been A Success!

From actresses Emma Stone, Isla Fisher and Nicole Kidman to fictional characters such as Black Widow, Jessica Rabbit and the Norse goddess Freyja… Female redheads have typically been associated with love, beauty and fertility. The male redheads, on the other hand, have often been bullied and stigmatized.

Female redheads Amy Adams, Lily Cole and Christina Hendricks

Amy Adams, Lily Cole and Christina Hendricks are among some of the other successful female redheads in Hollywood.

It’s Not Easy Being Red

“GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!” yelled CopperCab on YouTube in 2010 as a response to South Park’s ginger episode and his own local harassers.

Even Aristotle (384-322 BC) declared that “the reddish are of bad character”. His argument? “Witness the foxes”… C’mon Aristotle!

But why has the mocking of men’s red hair always been an acceptable form of racism? The fact that male redheads always have been casted as awkward weaklings and geeky sidekicks in the movies doesn’t really help to break the stereotyping. Until now, we just haven’t had enough ginger role models for men!

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Red Is The New Black!

British Fashion photographer Thomas Knights are one of the artists trying to rebrand redheads and redefine stereotypes. In his exhibitions “RED HOT” from 2014 he celebrates gingers as alpha males and shows the world that redheads can be sexy, attractive and heroic.

Most of the models were actually found through street casting since many agencies back then didn’t even have redheads in their collections. That has also changed since 2014.

Try to spot Louis Evans and the other ginger models during the upcoming LONDON FASHION WEEK!

Thomas Knights Red Hot London Fashion Week

The Red Tide Has Reached Hollywood

Hollywood and the American TV industry has also started giving more redheads prominent and heroic roles!

Just look at Damian Lewis, Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kristofer Hivju, Rupert Grint, Conan O’Brien and of course, Eddie Redmayne, to whom an Oscar was awarded in 2015 – the same year Julianne Moore (another redhead!) won.

Any cool and successful redheads we forgot to mention? Well, tell us in the comment section!

Eddies Redmayne, Kristofer Hivju and Damian Lewis

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Red Alpha Male: Andy Dalton

On Slikhaar TV we think redheads are beautiful and unique!

Thus we have made a step-by-step hairstyle tutorial on one of the absolute alpha males and role models with red hair, the NFL star quarterback Andy Dalton from Cincinnati Bengals. Read the blog post here.