How To Convince Your Girlfriend to Let Your Hair Grow Long

Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth… A lot of male stars are trying out a look with long hair, and they are ROCKING it. Not so strange if you’ve considered joining the long-haired-club.

But maybe your girlfriend isn’t too happy about it? Is she shooting down the idea with comments such as: ”you’ll look like a hippie!” or ”men with long hair look so un-groomed”? Don’t worry! We’ve come to your aid!

We provide you with AWESOME arguments, she’s gonna have a hard time arguing with!

You’ll look more like Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has been growing his hair long on and off, and he’s always ROCKING it! Besides the long hair, he’s often seen with a beard to, and combining that with his awesome wardrobe, he’s looking like a bad boy gentleman. The perfect combination. And come on, every girl on the planet has a little crush on Brad Pitt, and he managed to land first Jennifer Aniston, and then Angelina Jolie! Clearly, he’s doing something right.

Brad Pitt with long hair

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You’ll be able to do an awesome man bun

The man bun has quickly become one of the most popular hairstyles for men all over the world. It used to be a look reserved primarily for men of rock, and washouts, but it has now become a look so popular, that countless Youtube tutorials and guides all over, has been made. Paired up with a beard, you can add more masculinity to the style, should you feel the look is a bit to feminine.

There are so many different man buns; The Full Man Bun, The Semi Man Bun, Ponybun, Low Man Bun, High Man Bun, Man Bun Undercut, Man Bun Tapercut, etc. Try experimenting with the different styles, and find out which one is better for you (and which one works better for your girlfriend!).

Check out this video and learn how to pull off the man bun!

Long hair signals determination and commitment

It takes time to grow long hair, and deciding to grow it long is, therefore, a long-term commitment. It takes dedication and confidence to grow long hair, and how many girls in a relationship doesn’t appreciate a guy who can commit to something?

Committing to growing your hair long, and showing that you can commit to something like that, also shows that you may be willing to commit to other things as well… Now THAT is something a girl can’t resist!

Tying a man bun

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If nothing else works…

If you’ve tried out the previous 3 arguments, and your girlfriend still won’t bunch, then it’s time for the hail mary pass. For you to grow your hair long means that she can play with your hair, braid it, or do whatever hairstyles she wants to. Of course, only when at home – NEVER go outside if your girlfriend did you hair!


Now you are armed with a handfull of good arguments for growing your hair long! And if the girlfriend is still not convinced? Well, if you dare it, tell her ”too bad baby, it’s my hair!”.