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GLENN Hairstyle THE WALKING DEAD [Tutorial]

Never have fans of the popular TV show THE WALKING DEAD been more anxious for the new season start! Everybody’s praying that their favorite character doesn’t die¬†in season 7…

Anyway, we don’t want to spoil too much to those who didn’t catch the season finally of season 6. We do, however, want to give you guys an awesome step-by-step tutorial on the hairstyle of one of the biggest crowd pleasers of the tv series: GLENN RHEE (Steven Yeun).

Glenn and Maggie from The Walking Dead
Staying alive is all about the hairstyle

Living in a post-apocalyptic version of the state of Georgia does make it rather difficult to maintain a neat hairstyle. Even though Glenn seems to be one of the high-risk characters Рfrequently appearing on screen with zombie blood all over his face from a near-death experience Рhis hairstyle stays surprisingly stylish.

If your everyday life¬†is just as frenzied¬†as Glenn’s, this tutorial will show you how to achieve his cool hairdo so that you can become¬†just as good at avoiding walkers out there! Or perhaps improve your chances with your local¬†‘Maggie’…? Here we go!

Wash, section your hair, cut

Step 1: Clean Out The Zombie Guts

Get your hair nice and ready for the haircut with a quick wash using By Vilain Skyline Shampoo. It removes any old products and makes it easier to manage throughout the remaining steps. And finishing off with a quality conditioner like By Vilain Skyline Conditioner.

Step 2: Fixate Your Hair

Straighten out the hair by running a comb through it, and then part it into sections. This is done by forming a line from both sides of the temple of the head which connects together at the back. The hair is then combed away to both sides of the parting (either up or down) using a By Vilain Comb.

Lock the hair into place with a quick blowdry, or use clamps for a stronger fixture.

Step 3: Cut It To Bits!

Clip the hair on the sides (from 9 and 15 cm at side-parting to 1,5 at ears) in a gradient that goes from thin at the bottom, to thick at the top. Also cut the back (9-15cm at top center gradient Рincreased length towards left side Рto 2 cm at neck), the top center (from 9-15cm, top center gradient to 9 and 15cm parted fringe). Finish this step by trimming the hair beneath the side-parting into its final form using a pair of scissors.
Moisten hair and apply Sidekick, blow-dry and straighten, thin out


Step 4: Drown It

Spray your hair with¬†By Vilain Freestyler ‚Äď this makes your hair more susceptible to hair products and also helps distribute the product better.

Then apply By Vilain Sidekick pre-styling spray into the moist hair. This prepares for the next step.

Step 5: Burn And Straighten

Groom with brush and blowdryer. Blow-dry from front to back while also grooming in the same direction with the brush. This melts the Sidekick into the hair, strengthening the hold and locks the hair into position.

Blow-drying from the front pushes the hair back so it rests on the hair at the top center, giving it the ‚Äúslicked back‚ÄĚ shape.

Step 6: Thin Out The Flock

Thin out the hair with a pair of thinning scissors to make the hair light and add volume. 

Outline the edges, apply Powermade and Gold Digger, style with a comb

Step 7: Protect The Perimeter

Using a pair of scissors, create a clear outline around the edges near the side, back and ears, in order to separate the skin and hair.

Now that the hairstyle is nearly done, you’ve to make sure everything looks nice. Make sure to trim any areas you may have missed.

Step 8: Petrify With Wax

Rub a small scoop of By Vilain Powermade and By Vilain Gold Digger in the hair to pull off the do’. The combined properties of the two waxes help to achieve a strong hold for this particular style.

Gently groom the wax into shape using both hands.

A small amount of Sidekick can be sprayed on the hands and rubbed into the hair for extra hold if needed.

Step 9: Go In For The Kill

To create the final touch and get the hairstyle into perfect form, use a brush to create nice smooth grooves from top to bottom. Using the rear of a point tailed comb, gently draw lines in the hair to get the small details just right.

Boom! You now have a certified Steven Yeun hairstyle. Go out and slay in style!The Glenn hairstyle

Products & Tools Necessary For This Styling


1. Shampoo and Conditioner, By Vilain Skyline US$20 2. Water spray, By Vilain Freestyler US$20 3. Comb, By Vilain Comb US$20 4. Hair-dryer 5. Skeleton Brush, By Vilain Skeleton Brush 6. Scissors 7. Wax, By Vilain Gold Digger US$20  8. Pomade, By Vilain Powermade US$20 9. Thinning scissors

Slikhaar TV video tutorial

Up next are all the above steps transformed into a cool video from Slikhaar TV.

Is Glenn also your favorite TWD character? And who’s got the most awesome hairstyle and facial hair on the show? Please tell us in the comment section.