G-Eazy haircut

G-EAZY Slick back Hairstyle [Step By Step Tutorial]

The Californian rapper G-Eazy (born Gerald Earl Gillum) is producing hits after hits – including collaborations with Britney Spears. The guy’s got an¬†attitude and you¬†frequently see him wearing a cool¬†leather jacket which goes along well with his side-parting slick back hairstyle.

Rapper’s New Fashion

Besides his promising music career, the 30-year-old has taken interest in the world of fashion as he released a collaboration with Rare Panther last fall. G-Eazy himself has also become a fashion icon with his alternative style as a rapper. GQ Magazine even put him on Top 10 of the most stylish people at New York Fashion Week 2016!

Now G-Eazy has found his way to Slikhaar TV and Slikhaar Blog. In this blog post, we’ll give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to pull off¬†his side-parting slick back hairstyle.

Let’s get straight to it guys!


How to get the G-Eazy hairstyle

Step 1: Wash¬†‘N’ Clean Up

Before getting a haircut it’s always important to wash out all products in the hair. Use shampoo and conditioner like By Vilain Rush¬†to¬†get¬†the hair clean and ultra manageable for the remainder of these steps.

Step 2: Organize Your Fuzz

Form a line backward¬†from your head’s temple on both sides (curving naturally with the head) and¬†connect it with¬†a straight line in the backhead. Comb the hair away from the sectioning using a By Vilain Comb.

Blow dry your hair for a short while beneath the parting and use a By Vilain Skeleton Brush to help locking it firmly in place.

Step 3: Cut Down Low

Trim the lower part of the sides and the backhead and use a scissor when going further and further upwards. Create a gradient from 9 mm to 2 cm on the sides and also 9 mm to 2 cm at the backhead.

Wash and clean up, organize the hair, cut down low

Step 4: Top Gradient

Cut a gradient from 10-12 cm at the fringe to 7-8 cm at the top center. The volume of the hair will be boosted by letting the top front hair lean upon the hair in the back.

Step 5: Get Rid Of Half Of It

After creating the gradient you need to use a thinning scissor to make the hair on top of your headless weighty. By thinning out your hair it will also be easier to style when the haircut is done.

Step 6: Time To Blow

This time (in contrary to step 2) you need to blow-dry your hair for a longer time. Blow-dry it backwards to create the slick back effect before the actual styling.

By getting the hair dry you will also be able to assess the final hairstyle much better. Help yourself locking the hair in place by using a By Vilain Skeleton Brush along with the hair-dryer.

Remember to tip the beak of the hair-dryer and shake it a little to both prevent your hair from burning and to speed up the process.

Cut the top, thin out the hair and blow dry

Step 7: Trimming On The Edge

Use the scissor again to trim the hairstyle into its final shape. Consider using the thinning scissor once more if necessary. Continue by using an electric trimmer for the edges. You need to define a nice and sharp line-up along the side-parting via the trimmer.

Move on to outlining both the edges of your neck and the area around your ears. Use a By Vilain Comb underneath the electric trimmer to achieve completely manual control rather than a preset head for the trimmer.

Step 8: Straighten Your Hair

If your hair is not naturally smooth, use a flat iron to avoid ending up with a wavy slick back like Marlon Brando. A straightener will help to lock the hair into a slick position.

Step 9: Wax & Pomade!

Finish the hairstyle by adding both By Vilain Gold Digger and By Vilain Powermade. The Gold Digger wax should be applied first to style the hair into shape and give it extreme hold for the whole day. Afterward, the pomade will give you a nice glossy finish – just like G-Eazy.

Put on a leather jacket on top of your white T. NOW you got attitude!

Trim the edge, straighten the hair and apply wax and pomade after


Products & Tools necessary for G-Eazy hairstyle

products for G-Eazy hairstyle

1. Shampoo and Conditioner, By Vilain Rush US$20 2. Water spray, By Vilain Freestyler US$20 3. Comb, By Vilain Comb US$20 4. Hair-dryer 5. Brush, By Vilain Skeleton Brush US$20 6. Scissor 7. Thinning scissor 8. Electric trimmer 9. Hair straightener 10.  Wax, By Vilain Gold Digger US$20 11. Pomade, By Vilain Powermade US$20

G-Eazy hairstyle tutorial

If you want to see it all done in a cool video, look no further! Watch this Slikhaar TV video with our talented hairdresser, Charlotte! What do you think of this haircut? Please write your comment down below.