[EXPOSED] The 8 Most Common Men’s Hair Myths

Don’t let your hair be a victim of misinformation and pure fantasy! We’re debunking 8 of the most common men’s hair myths…

Myth 1: Cutting your hair will make it grow faster

Truth: An oldie but goodie – Sorry to burst your bubbles, guys: No matter how often you get your hair cut, it won’t automatically start growing faster. We know, it’s bad news if you were dreaming of the popular man bun

The growth speed of your hair is primarily determined by what your parents gave you.
– Nevertheless, getting plenty of protein, quitting smoking and living as stress-free as possible will all be beneficial to the growth of your hair.

Hair styling at the salon

Myth 2: You need to wash your hair every single day to keep it clean

Truth: This is a widely dominating myth. But washing your hair every single day will not only dry out your hair and make it dull and brittle it’ll also make it much more prone to becoming greasy quickly.
Opt for 2-3 times a week and settle for a quick rinse with water on the days in between.

Hair wash

Myth 3: Rising your hair with cold water will make it shinier

Truth: This myth has been around for ages. Nevertheless, there’s a lack of real scientific evidence to support this myth – and that’s why it is just that – a myth.

In contrast, a scientifically proven way to make your hair shinier is by using a quality conditioner everytime you wash your hair.

Myth 4: Air-drying is always healthier than blow drying

Truth: Well… It’s true that you need to cut back on the blasts of hot air and let your locks air dry once in a while. Nevertheless, sometimes this is unfortunately not an option.

– But… What if we told you that air drying your hair isn’t exclusively a good thing?

While blow drying still causes more damage to the surface of your hair, air drying can actually create even deeper damage within your strands.

What to do then? Your best option is blow drying your hair using the lowest heat setting while using a pre-styler with heat protection. Make sure to constantly move your dryer to avoid concentrating the heat on a single spot for too long at a time. 

Blow drying hair

Myth 5: Hair gel causes hair loss

Truth: While it will dry out your hair and even make it appear thinner, it will not cause hair loss.

While other styling techniques like blow drying or straightening your hair may result in dry, brittle hair – there’s no proven link between using hair products and experiencing hair loss.

Myth 6: Shampoo needs to be sudsy to properly clean your hair

Truth: It’s logical that many think this is the case, but shampoos actually don’t need to lather to get the cleaning job done.

Sulfate is the ingredient that makes your shampoo foam and it can actually fade your color if you dye your hair. On top of this, there’s some debate about possible harmful effects connected to this ingredient as well.

So, quit thinking foam equals clean – because really, a high-quality shampoo might not even sudsy.

By Vilain Detoxx me Shampoo

Myth 7: Men don’t need to use conditioner

Truth: Taking care of the hair isn’t just for women! A good conditioner can do so much more than just make your hair look and feel soft and shiny. Using conditioner after shampooing helps minimize damage made to your hair and is ultimately an investment in the health of your hair.

Myth 8: Wearing a hat or cap causes hair loss

Truth: We know that men experiencing baldness sometimes turn to hats and caps to cover up receding hairlines, loss and thinning hair. But… Could your hat actually be making the problem worse?
– Nope. Luckily for all you cap-guys, there’s absolutely no link between wearing hats on a regular basis and going bald.

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