Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle tutorial

Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyle Tutorial

Since we started Slikhaar TV, Cristiano Ronaldo has been one of our favorite hairstyle heroes. We’ve created several different looks inspired by him over the last years.

Of course, football is Cristiano’s main focus, but he has always been among the football players with extraordinary style. This is the main reason why we will surely keep following Cristiano in the future.

Here is a short recap from our latest tutorial from November 2014.

1. Wash your hair

 Washing your hair thoroughly is very important when you use lots of hairstyling products. You don’t necessarily have to wash your hair thoroughly every day, but 1-2 times per week is minimum. Remember to give your hair the full treatment, using both shampoo and conditioner.

2.  Use a blow dryer, a hairbrush and a pre-styling spray

 A lot of people think that the more the merrier is true when it comes to hair wax, but that’s actually far from the truth. You have to be extra careful not to use too much gel or wax because that will actually make your hair look too shiny and you will have a hard time achieving the result or finish you want.

Instead, try to use the heat from a blow dryer combined with a brush (preferably with pre-styling spray) to style the hair in the right direction before applying the wax.

We recommend using By Vilain Sidekick for a better hold and a much better styling before adding your favorite hair wax.

3. Gently apply a strong hold hair wax to keep the hairstyle in position

 You’re almost done, but first, you need to lock the hairstyle in position! We recommend using a strong hold hair wax for this purpose. This is actually one of the reasons why we developed By Vilain wax – most people want a strong holding wax which doesn’t leave your hair looking too shiny.

Rub a small amount of By Vilain Gold Digger or By Vilain Silver Fox between your palms and rub and apply to your hair. Style as you wish by dragging the hair into perfect position and enjoy a long lasting result.

4. You’re good to go!

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