Men’s hairstyles for autumn and winter

The Best Men’s Hairstyles 2018 [Autumn/Winter]

It’s time to say your goodbye to the sun, salt and sand – a new season is coming up real soon and it is time to consider getting a brand-new haircut or maybe just making a minor change in your hairstyle?

But…. What are the biggest trends in men’s hairstyles for autumn and winter 2018? Well, we, as always, have got your back and in this blog post, we’ll guide you through the best men’s hairstyles for fall and winter 2018.

The Messy Textures

It’s time to break with the neat, preppy pompadours for a bit. One of the key trends of 2018 is the messy, textured and effortless look.

Think in terms of length that’s pushed up but still left messy and preferably styled using a matte clay like By Vilain Dynamite Clay.

Texture and movement are the key! Ask your hairdresser to chop into your hair, making it look just a bit messed up and like… Well… Like you’ve done it yourself.

Pro tip:  If you’re growing your hair, this is the perfect trend to grab onto. It’ll get you through that weird middle stage between short and the man bun.

The Undercuts

Okay – we still blame Peaky Blinders for this one – nevertheless, the cool undercuts are definitely here to stay since they are both stylish, simple and very versatile (on top of being extremely popular).

Leaving length on top while cropping, fading or buzzing both back and sides. The undercut does, however, come in a wide variety of versions – but some of the most popular are the undercuts with either a:

  • Pompadour
  • Slick back
  • Quiff
  • Or.. the disconnected undercut with textured length

As you might have guessed, while being an extremely cool hairstyle with loads of bad-ass factor, this hairstyle is at the same time also high-maintenance. So if you’d rather snooze 15 minutes every morning, go for the messy, bedhead-hairstyles instead. 

The undercut pompadour

The Side Partings

If it works for Tom Hardy, it sure as h… also works for us as well! Consider embracing your softer, preppy side with a classic parting up top.

The side-parting hairstyles of 2018 have shorter layers and loads of texture. Go for keeping the sides longer with a scissor-cut or try out an edgy (low) fade.

This hairstyle is more than ideal if you’re on the lookout for a quick and easy hairstyle where you don’t necessarily have to blow dry every morning.

– Here’s how: Let your hair towel dry and work in a shinier product such as a glossy pomade to get that just-out-of-the-shower vibe, which casually signals to everyone around you that you’ve got better things to do than spend all morning in front of the bathroom mirror.

The (Bleached) Crop

A sharp, blunt fringe. Sounds familiar, right? This particular hairstyle was made popular by Zayn Malik last year – and to this day, we’re still loving this stylish haircut!

The 2018 version of this specific style, however, is a slightly choppier and looser, casual version – combined with a bleach blond top.

Think Serious Texture – and ask your hairdresser to leave a bit more length at the top of your head than at the sides and back.

Finally, if you choose to be bold and go blond on top, please let your hairdresser take care of this job for you – and remember to invest in a purple shampoo as well! 

The Buzz Crew

Grown a bit tired of your wavy, mid-length hair or your shiny slick back? Maybe it’s time to opt for a bit more edgy and military-inspired ‘do?

Similar to the short crop mentioned above, but less scary as you don’t need to go blond on the top. Go for short sides and back and just a little more hair on top.

– Consider adding a bit more texture by asking your hairdresser to do a clean scissor-cut.

While this hairstyle is very effortless and definitely less time-consuming when it comes to styling, it still requires you to get those touch-up trims every 1-2 week – otherwise, the hairstyle will simply lose its edge.